28 June 2012

News Commentary 28 June 2012 (2)

 Some musings about the continued fallout....
I heard a commentator today mention that this decision coupled with an Obama re-election will further radicalize the extreme Right. I agree. But what does that mean for Christians who reject Sacralism?
This has already entered the Church and though I'm no fan of Barack Obama, I am not content to sit in a congregation where people are cursing the nation's rulers, engaging in seditious and violent rhetoric and promoting law-breaking and armed resistance. Anyone who has read my writings knows I am no fan of the great lie known as the United States. Nevertheless I am to pray for the peace of this Babylon, not try and overthrow Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus, Sennacherib, or Caesar.

News Commentary 28 June 2012 (1)

A few thoughts regarding the Supreme Court decision today....what it means for the American Church and what the present social polarization points to in the coming days, months and years.
First a few specific points of consideration....
1.    Romney has been avoiding an in-depth healthcare discussion due to the conservative condemnation of his Massachusetts programme. But now, Evangelicals more than ever will be polarized by the Supreme Court ruling the health reform as Constitutional. They will rally around Romney who has promised to work towards repealing Obama's reform....even though putting the rhetoric into action will be difficult.

A Significant Date in History

28 June 1914 (updated)

First published in 2010

27 June 2012

The Imperial Sociopath and Hypocrisy

A Sociopath believes the rules don't apply to him. He is above the standards that other people have to follow.
A sociopath is blind to his own shortcomings. He often critiques others for violating rules that he will violate with abandon. He is either completely blind to his own crimes or in every case makes an excuse, finds a justification for them.

The Reasons for my Criticism of the United States

This post dates from November 2010, but I thought it would be a good time to repost it. There are many new readers to the site and I want to make sure people understand that my criticisms of the United States are not rooted in some kind of Leftist freedom bashing agenda. My statements not only come from years of intense reading and study, but a specific theology...one that informs both my citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven and the kingdoms of this world.
Here's the original post...

A Strange Sense of Service Part 2

Actually the death toll from American foreign policy is pretty staggering. We condemn others for aggression, when in fact there has been no country since World War II that can compare with the United States in the realm of aggression. And I say this fully conscious of the charges many would bring against the Soviet Union. A very evil government, but in terms of aggression... their actions do not surpass the United States. Not even close.

A Strange Sense of Service Part 1

Some will take this the wrong way, but I want to make a few observations regarding one of the top headlines from the past twelve months. I wrote this at the time but never published it. Almost a year later and with the 4th of July approaching...it's worth revisiting.
Apparently on 6 August 2011 some thirty American soldiers and eight Afghan soldiers were killed when their helicopter was shot down. This was one of the worst single-incident losses of life for American troops during the Afghan War and the media gave this event a massive amount of attention.
Of course the sheer numbers makes it newsworthy, in addition to the fact that most or all of these Americans were members of the Special Forces.
This single event provides a great example to demonstrate several things.

24 June 2012

Answering Questions #16 -Dissecting Stellman's Apostasy

In some recent comments it was mentioned that a PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) pastor recently converted to Roman Catholicism. The PCA is one of the conservative Presbyterian bodies, not to be confused with the PCUSA which is the Mainline and much larger Presbyterian body which abandoned Scripture long ago. The PCA formally broke with the mainline body in 1973.

The pastor in question is Jason Stellman, a pretty strong proponent of the Reformed variety of Two Kingdom theology and certainly someone I would have recommended not long ago. I often visited his website and sometimes commented there.

Sacralist enemies of Two Kingdom theology have tried to find a connection....find a way to show that Two Kingdom theology leads to Rome. It doesn't, in fact the two systems are operating in very different universes. In the past it has actually been Theonomy and various Sacralist positions which have produced converts to Catholicism and it's always been an embarrassing point for them. I almost sense a state of glee at this man's defection.

My Credentials and Views on Education- 10

If I started a ministry or institution I could receive funding and sit and write scholarly articles. If anyone published them, those that chose to read them would say the same thing I've been hearing for years....they disagree but find what I'm saying to be interesting and worthy of consideration....or would they even bother saying that I wonder?
Institution A and B work within the same general framework. If B critiques A, then A has to respond. There's a threat to their standing, but actually A and B really need each other, they keep each other going. They don't agree but it's critical they operate within the same larger circle. As long as they do this, they can continue to perpetuate, almost feed off each other.

22 June 2012

My Credentials and Views on Education- 9

I think it's a good and healthy to exercise to read those whom you disagree with. I think we need to be challenged. So often in academia the scholars suffer from ivory-tower syndrome. They live in an insulated world and are consumed by inter-factional battles. This happens in many spheres, not just theology. I can think of many economists, media figures and political thinkers who operate within a tiny circle. They've adopted certain key doctrines and cannot think beyond them and in time their arguments become not only mundane but absurd.

21 June 2012

My Credentials and Views on Education- 8

Why start writing after all these years? The years are slipping by and I'm at a point in my life where I'm old enough to realize how little I knew when I was twenty-five. I used to be one of those people that wanted to see things in black and white and was pretty disgusted with people who didn't see things in those terms. A lot of older people just seemed 'soft' to me. Some undoubtedly are, some having grown weary and mentally lazy, set in their ways. But there are others that have developed a bit of wisdom. You start to realize that sometimes it's not a matter of something being black versus white but whether or not you're even asking the right question to begin with? How are your determining what is black and what is white? Things like that.
I'm at a point in my life that I see the years starting to pass by very quickly. My children are growing. I have a teenager now and I see how short a time we have with them. If I've learned something it's this...youth is wasted on the young.

20 June 2012

My Credentials and Views on Education- 7

So here's my quandary. I have all these things I want to write about. If I take the time and write scholarly articles and a book or two I will have the potential of reaching the professional accredited people of academia, the pastors and leaders of Reformed Christianity and other factions. However, because I lack the proper credentials and I'm not tied in with their institutions, I will have no audience. Because I'm questioning too many things, too many unassailable traditions and constructs, again...I will have no audience.

Apologies and The Gift of Time

Once again I wish to extend my apologies to the readers of this weblog. Normally I'm able to produce material at a pretty steady tempo, but the last couple of months have left me exhausted and in terms of time...exasperated.
We've had health issues and other personal situations that have dominated our time. In terms of my business I've been bogged down by time constraints and a lot of hours in the office working on estimates and plans. It's been very frustrating as I've just not been able to use my time the way I would wish. Calculating building materials is not something I'm interested in, but theological, historical and contemporary commentary don't pay the bills.