29 October 2012

Halloween 2012

Every year at this time I post the following link. I'm afraid for those of us in the Eastern United States, this year's Halloween will be a bit of wash out. Nevertheless the issue doesn't go away. In terms of spending, it's now the second biggest holiday in the United States and all the culture warriors and Dominionists feel the need to respond. 

My take is a bit different.

All Sacralist's Eve

Answering Questions #20- Restorationism (4) Stone-Campbell and Musical Instruments

The Stone-Campbell Movement, Biblicism, and the example of musical instruments.
What does this Restorationism I propose look like? Usually when people speak of Restorationism they think of the Stone-Campbell movement, better known as the Churches of Christ. This group is worthy of much admiration. I greatly appreciate their Biblicism, their determination to adhere to the text of Scripture. Many of their positions are akin to my own though we often arrive in a different manner.

13 October 2012

Answering Questions #20- Restorationism (3) The Kingdom In History

I recently heard a Reformed podcast in which the host and guest caricatured the whole idea of returning to the first century. Look at all the problems in the New Testament era, why would we want to return to that?

07 October 2012

Answering Questions #20- Restorationism (2) How Far Back?

Some of this distaste for Restoration is also related to ideas of 'progress' and Primitivism (or Restoration) is by nature regressive. It does not elevate the development of ideas and consciously rejects much of history as invalid. That is to say, a Restorationist will suggest many of the claims and ideas which have come out of history are in many ways just built on bad foundations. Restorationism seeks to sweep this away and get back to the foundation and start over as it were.

03 October 2012

Answering Questions #20- Restorationism (1)

You're ideas while interesting seem to lead toward some sort of Restorationism. Your ideas concerning theology and church history would seem to lead to that end. Aside from some doctrinal points, aren't you saying the same thing? Are you ultimately promoting some form of Restorationism? How do you differ?
And practically speaking, where do you draw lines? Sometimes reading your material I feel like with 'Confessionalism' being invalidated the possibilities seem, endless. But on the other hand it seems like you're condemning almost all of modern Christianity. Somewhere you said you attend a PCA, which seems strange considering at times you're quite hostile to Reformed theology and polity. Can you clarify some of this?