28 October 2011

A note regarding the new series and the approaching holy-day

As I'm getting back to writing I'm publishing a series on you guessed it...Dominionism.

There's nothing terribly new with this. I'm largely revisiting many of the same issues. Why am I doing this? It's a multifaceted issue and it's helpful to continue to review it, examining it from different angles. Certain approaches resonate with some folks more than others. For some it takes multiple angles to slowly put it together. Some readers already see this complex of theological ideas for what it is. Others are still struggling with the error, and yet others haven't quite put it together yet. They see some of it, but it hasn't hit them yet. So...I'll keep writing.

I've got pages of notes, in fact pages of article topics that I want to dive into. God willing we shall do so. Things are starting to slow down a bit and now I can turn back to writing. I miss it.

Since we're nearing the time of All Saint's Eve, I thought I would post the link to my Halloween post from last year. For those who weren't reading this weblog last October I touch on the fact that there are some who flee Halloween because of their view of the Kingdom in relation to culture and some who feel it must be conquered for Christ and have thus tried in earnest to label it Christian. Both approaches are wrong.

And for the many churches who celebrate Halloween masquerading as Reformation Day...they're only deceiving themselves.


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