20 April 2016

Inbox: Why are you taking so much time to write about Turkey, Syria, ISIS, spies, guerilla groups and other strategic issues? Isn't this just a waste of time?

This is a composite of several emailed questions.

I get these emails from time to time and even though I've addressed these issues before it warrants the occasional review.

First, I am fascinated by the nature of power, how it operates in this world and its corrupting influence. I find that most people have not thought very deeply about this, about how power works, moves are calculated and what sort of goals are in mind. I find Christians are often even more ignorant on these points than many lost people. That shouldn't be.

Second, I think it worthwhile to consider and understand something of the world system, how it works, and what is happening in the world and how history and ideas play into this. In addition when considering these factors we have to address the lies, the misinterpretations and distortions of fact, motive and narrative that all sides seem to be guilty of. I've said it many times; we are to expect this with lost people. That's the nature of the world post-Eden. With Christians it ought to be different but I find that more often than not they are just as susceptible to lies and propaganda and the temptation to distort history and events to suit their own purposes.

Third, I want to explore the theology, the Biblical doctrine (or its distortion) at work in these narratives, whether we're speaking of depravity, Babel, Babylon, Beasts, Judaizing, the Kingdom of God or the Pseudo-Kingdom of God. These doctrinal issues all play a part in these explorations whether we're talking about lost people or Christians. The latter is what interests me more because I believe a major (and often missed) theme in the New Testament is that of the False Church, its false prophets and the danger of the false kingdom. I believe that for the Biblically faithful Church, this is the greatest threat, occasion for subversion and thus the primary vehicle by which our adversary seeks to work against us.

I'm interested in the false theology that creates doctrinal and ethical justifications for the world system and where this ends up leading people. From my standpoint we have Christians that vindicate, endorse and even celebrate lies, theft and murder... war, torture, and covetousness... and they do these things thinking they do God service.

Fourth, I'm interested in the political aspects and the nature of evil as it works itself out in the realm of power. I'm interested in the mythologies created by political movements and what this does to ethics. Once again I see the Church as largely embracing this. When this issue is explored and yet we see how corrupt, distorted and sinister it actually is, it leads one to consider the voice and impetus in Christian circles demanding the Church not only participate in this realm but seize it.

Fifth, I'm interested in the economic aspects of these questions. They cannot be divorced or viewed in isolation from the political and ethical questions. I'm interested in the fact that many (including many Christians) attempt to do this. I consider their efforts both failed and futile. There are moral questions to be considered with regard to resources, culture and economic systems. We have to wrestle with ethical considerations regarding the level of our participation and degrees of culpability. When considering the nature of the Western and American system, the way industry, banking, politics and the military are integrated, we have to consider the notion of whether it's right or proper to invest money in this system, let alone profit from it.

Finally, though I may be writing about Turkey and Deep State paramilitary units, I want it to be clear that what it interests me is their connection to American/Western power and thus in many cases to Christians operating within that apparatus. I'm speaking of bureaucrats, the academy, the military, diplomats and even intelligence agents. We could also point to the larger array of government affiliated supporting agencies or even private sector elements that participate with and/or benefit from their actions. This touches on trade, industry, banking and finance, insurance, law, law enforcement as well as utilities and a significant portion of the service sector. In other words, the whole system. While American machinations in the Caucasus or collaborations with the Turkish military may seem divorced from daily life in North America... it's not, but you have to open your eyes.

We have many Christians who function as court historians and apologists for empire. To weigh their claims and the veracity of their reporting let alone the doctrinal implications of what they're suggesting we need to understand the truth of the matter. How do these systems work? How does power function? Does it match up with their narratives and claims? Are they misled or deceived? Are they intentional liars and propagandists? I ask these questions because the narratives I read in Christian books, find on the internet and hear on the radio do not match reality, past or present, nor do they reflect Biblical values or concepts. How do we account for this? Why is the Church and its self-congratulating leadership so blind?

I believe that in exposing the colossal extent of their crimes and the magnitude of their heresies we can not only understand the world we live in but the true state of the Church. At that point we realise the vast majority of so-called Christian teachers and commentators are actually heretics if not apostates, horned lambs speaking like dragons (to those who have ears to rightly hear what it is they're saying), teaching not the Gospel of the Kingdom, but Beast worship rooted in distortions of Scripture and a great many lies about how the world works and what has occurred in the past.

As I've said before I don't think Christians need to master these topics or feel guilty because they can't remember every leader, war, date or line on the map. Some will have the temperament and interest to pursue these topics with more vigour. For others a cursory or generalised knowledge is sufficient. The question is, do you accept the commentary offered by so many Christian leaders? Do you listen to them uncritically? If so, I believe you are in peril and that's why I write about these things.