25 March 2012

Returning Soon.....

The last couple of weeks have been too busy. I haven't had any time at all to work on 'blog' matters. God willing I'll be responding to comments and putting up new posts in the next couple of days....

Sorry for disappearing.

16 March 2012

A Strange Encounter Part 12

As I looked through the literature I realized he was a member of a local congregation I was well aware of. Faith Baptist Church is part of the Independent Fundamental Baptist tradition. They also run a college and programme for aspiring pastors. These folks proudly fly their flags and believe that they represent the real and genuine America. We see them all the time at the shopping mall. These groups are permeated with legalism rooted in a cultural narrative. (See The Good Old Days)

They almost have a uniform, certainly a look you're supposed to emulate. We have a lot of these groups around here. We have the Wesleyan and Holiness groups which are trying to emulate the pre-1920's look, we have the Amish, and we have the Baptists that seem to view the 1950's culture...America on top of the world...as the golden age.

13 March 2012

My Credentials and Views on Education- 6

I went to work about a year ago at a local hardware store/lumber yard. It was too much of a cut in pay so I went back to remodel work. But worst of all (or best) I lost the time so precious to me. Working on estimates for houses and garages, pricing sheets, answering phones and waiting on customers no longer afforded me the time to listen to my audio materials. Obviously I wasn't going to walk around with headphones on. The personal interaction was good.

My Credentials and Views on Education- 5

I wouldn't have considered writing these things if I was still a 'member' of the PCA. Angry and offended pastors are known to make trouble. If I upset the wrong guy in cyberspace he'll be on the phone to my pastor. Some of them can be quite controlling. I had some OP men angry with me because I quit a job that I didn't like...I had an ethical problem with it...no, they told me I should keep it and then were quite angry when I didn't listen to them. I think they were miffed because I got out of the Air Force and they wanted to ‘take control’ of me. Of course the one elder was a retired officer. Let’s just say our views were not in harmony on many fronts.

05 March 2012

Ecclesia Part 7: Pragmatics and Conclusion

When the 'licentiate' is 'ordained' we'll stay away. I don't recognize the authority of the presbytery. It, like all denominations are para-church organizations. This 'service' is nothing more than homage, a ceremony to clericalism. We'll stay away, but we'll return the following Sunday and try to keep encouraging others and hopefully be encouraged.

02 March 2012

Ecclesia Part 6: Submission and Authority

So why in the world would we once again attend a PCA? Good question. We're not going to become 'members' though we did once before. I worked out a compromise with the elders. This time I'm not inclined to try and work with their system.

Submission versus Oppression

If they want to make a list of who's a member (in the Biblical sense) of course that's fine. If that helps them to govern or pray, no problem. If they want to ask for my testimony every three days and for me to account to them for my actions every week, that's fine. I'll submit to that. If they want me to study out issues with them and if they push for regular attendance, that's fine too. That's not in opposition to Scripture. I will bend over backwards to comply with their requirements, with their supervision, even to the point of being ridiculous.

But when they want me to stand up and take extra-Scriptural vows and to submit to extra-Scriptural standards I won't do that.

My Credentials and Views on Education- 4

While all this was happening, the 2000 election happened, 11 September, and the buildup to the Iraq War.

I was still classified as inactive Reserve and that was not due to expire until March 2003. Throughout all of 2002 I watched with dread as the country slipped into hysteria and Bush beat the drums of war. That summer I got a letter in the mail telling me my formal/final discharge was on hold as they were calling up people from the inactive reserve to come back to active duty.