31 August 2014

Our Response to the Federal Reserve and the World System in General (3/3)

If it's all just a game, a big scam, then shouldn't we work to beat the system and lessen our tax burden? We certainly don't want to pay taxes right?
For me there are other factors too. Any of these setups involve taking large sums of money and investing them in the market. Personally I'm opposed to this. I am aware of the many arguments that defend market investment and I'm also aware there are people who pervert some of Christ's parables in order to defend this. God willing I will write another piece in the near future that will address some of these terrible abuses of Christ's parables.

Our Response to the Federal Reserve and the World System in General (2/3)

When I work for financial advisors and investors I like to get them talking. It's not hard to do. I do the same when I'm with bankers or people in the insurance industry. It's really easy to get people talking about their own lives and business culture. They usually air the grievances of their particular perspective, one from within their industry.
Everyone else is the bad guy. They are (for the most part) the pure ones. There's corruption everywhere. No one for a moment disputes that. But it's always the other sector and if there's corruption in their own facet of the industry then it's the other division, the other office, the competitor with the different logo.

Our Response to the Federal Reserve and the World System in General (1/3)

Not long ago I was having a conversation someone and the topic of money and business came up. It was an aside to a larger discussion, but we found agreement in the seemingly self-evident notion that many people, including Church leaders (the immediate point of the discussion) often do not understand the way the business world works. He was in conflict with some elders over his financial situation and was frustrated in that they seemed to lack an ability to grasp how the realm of business operates. The accusations and demands they were making were not rooted in reality.

They were accusing him of impropriety. We agreed that the very idea of propriety in business is pretty laughable. Why is this the case and how do we respond?

22 August 2014

Sabbatarian Hermeneutics and Some Resulting Misapplications

I've mentioned it before but I wish to briefly revisit the question of the Sabbath and the mandate regarding six days of labour. There are some who insist that our culture's five day work cycle (which is certainly not applicable to everyone, as many work six or even seven days) is in fact sinful and that as Christians who would take Dominion, we need to be working a full six days.
Thus, is the five day work week sinful modernism and a paradigm Christians should reject?
To deal with this question I must first address some of the assumptions rooted in the question. First there is the question of the Sabbath itself and secondly even if I grant the Sabbatarian position does this necessitate a six day work week?

16 August 2014

Allegiance to Power

Allegiance to an idea or allegiance to a brand, take your pick.

These seem to be the options that are given to us in American society. The government embraces certain ideas. There are debates within the government as to what the ideas should be, whether they should be static or reminiscent of past 'glory' or for other factions the nation's policies should be dynamic and forward looking.

14 August 2014

The Denomination Dilemma and Solution

Many lament the state of divided Christendom. Not infrequently are we reminded of the thousands of denominations which exist today. It is an argument used by secularists, ecumenicists and those who wish to forge a Catholicity based on the claims of Rome's so-called bishop.

13 August 2014

The Battle over Quiet Time

For many Christians 'Quiet Time' is an important part of their spirituality. They take some time out of every day to read their Bible and spend some time in prayer and possibly reading some other Christian focused book whether it be devotional, commentary or theology.

12 August 2014

DeMint's Dream and Reality

Localism, Power and the Technological Society in an Age of Total War
Some time ago I listened to an interview with former senator Jim DeMint who had recently left the senate in order to take over as leader of the Heritage Foundation.
DeMint is a member of the PCA, the Reformed conservative remnant of the old Southern Presbyterian Church and a denomination which I'm sad to say I used to be a member of.