22 July 2013

The Words of Jesus Cannot Be Manipulated

For some trend watchers, this observation has already been recognized but I’m not sure how many Christians are aware of the argument or see this coming.

For many years, there has been an argument common in theologically liberal circles…that Paul came along and corrupted the original message of Jesus.

16 July 2013

Local/Decentralised Power and the Regional/Corporate Override

Checks and Balances is a concept we all learned about in our high school civics class. This Separation of Powers was a key concept in the mind of the Founders and framers of the new republic. By breaking up power into many pieces and distributing it among different bodies, no one person or group could garner too much power. Everyone would be accountable and if someone did manage to grab power there was both a process and a timetable that could take it away from them.

14 July 2013

Bureaucratic Dictatorship

My father always said that America was a Bureaucratic Dictatorship. At the time I didn’t understand what he meant. In retrospect the observation contains some merit on an empirical level, though I think the problem is actually more profound.

03 July 2013

The Already and the Not Yet (2/2)

David Jeremiah tried to vindicate these prophetic chronology-breaks by appealing to Jesus' use of Isaiah 61.  In Luke 4 Jesus reads the passage and applies it to Himself.

David Jeremiah tries to argue that he specifically stops at the beginning of verse 2 because the rest of the Isaiah passage applies to the 2nd coming.

Look at the passage:

The Already and the Not Yet (1/2)

A Discussion on the Kingdom of God, Eschatology, Millennialism, Hermeneutics and a brief Historiographical note.

The Already-Not Yet framework allows us to rightly understand the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy. By understanding the relationship between This Age and the Age to Come we are able to grasp the nature of the Kingdom of God.