11 May 2016


The world is a crazy place. Black is white and white is black, evil is good and good evil.

Mark Zuckerberg is esteemed, a tech-sage, an icon to be emulated and listened to. Zuckerberg is the man who made social media part of the warp and woof of daily life. Zuckerberg, the man who helped society flourish through connectivity.

Zuckerberg is actually the most anti-social and subversive person in our society. More than anyone else in our society (except maybe Steve Jobs) Zuckerberg has facilitated the breakdown and disintegration of communication. Zuckerberg has laboured to destroy sociability and some of its core aspects, decorum and manners, words which are now all but meaningless in the context of 21st century America.

Zuckerberg has no concept of what society is, how manners were fundamental to respect, freedom, boundaries and incorporated a necessary element of restraint. Manners are about putting the other person first, thinking about how your actions are affecting others. These things were essential for relationships to operate on both level of acquaintance and that of intimate friend. Friend has become a sad, hollow and all but meaningless term in the Zuckerberg world.

He is a child, and his adolescence has been allowed to perpetuate due to his phenomenal wealth and celebrity. He has the impulses of a spoiled youth who has more toys than he knows what to do with and has turned into a sociopath, braggart, narcissist and exhibitionist and has helped to create a generation of the same.

In Scripture it is viewed as a curse if society is handed over to the rule of women and children. Zuckerberg is a 31 year old teenager and his empowerment is judgment on Western society.

Once, and it seems like long ago, people had a concept of private life. You shared information selectively. Relationships were built on trust, not shallow adulation. You didn't share everything with everyone. You didn't want everyone to read your diary and see your personal photos or be let into your inner world. That's why it meant something when someone was your friend and you let each other into your worlds. The intimacy of the relationship meant something.

Today, everyone pastes their diary online for everyone to see and 'like'.

The world's wisdom is backward, inverted and perverted. We're living in an era of Orwellian insanity. War is peace, freedom is slavery.

Facebook is connectivity and friendship.

This notion is equally Orwellian and oxymoronic as we consider the social effects and now even the political realities of these behaviours.

Zuckerberg is an enemy to society, a destroyer of the very term, 'friend'. It's an irony so great that all but a few have missed it.