30 March 2013


An Old Paradigm Reborn

If the Euro currency fails and the European Union itself collapses, more than ever we will be returning to an older paradigm and one in which a unified Germany is placed in an awkward and undesirable situation.[i]

But perhaps even more interesting than Germany is the position of Turkey. When the Ottoman Empire collapsed and its lands were devoured by the Anglo-French alliance, even the Turkish lands of Anatolia were under threat. The British and French were more than ready to carve up Asia Minor into ‘protectorates’.

25 March 2013

Holy Week 2013

I've been so busy (actually far too busy) I forgot it's 'Holy Week'. That means it's time to re-post some old links appropriate to the season. Down the left side of the main page there's a 'holiday' section where I've left these up all the time. Many will have already read them. Some will read them and probably be a bit offended.

If so, please read 'The Temptation of the Tactile' and the last link about the spirit in which I say all of this. It will help you understand where I'm coming from. If you're coming out of mainstream evangelicalism some of my views regarding the holidays will seem especially strange. But as you will see, even if you don't agree with me, there's both historical precedent and a Biblical case for my position. You still may think I'm completely wrong, but I can almost guarantee it will get you thinking a bit.

Easter and Holy Week Part 1

Easter and Holy Week Part 2 - Binding the Conscience

The Temptation of the Tactile

Easter- Supplemental Discussion

The Spirit in which I say these things....

24 March 2013

Unipolar v. Multipolar Paradigms

The Cold War vis-a-vis Eurasian History

While some heralded the end of the Cold War as the victory of Democracy others were more sceptical. In some cases the end of the bipolar world order has created a time of instability and fear. Not a few movies and novels in the 1990’s reflected this.

Some in the United States believed not only had America won, America would now go on to dominate the earth and certainly America’s actions during the latter part of the Clinton era and ever since has been geared toward this end.

Geopolitical Entanglements- Syria and Russia

Watching the unfolding tragedy in Syria I've often been shocked at how blatantly the American media seems to be trying to push the American government into action. Or of course it could be posited the forces within the American government (via their mouthpieces in the media) are trying to prick the consciences of the American people.

Whatever the case may be, I'm used to seeing pretty graphic images of war being aired on networks like Al Jazeera English which doesn't believe in filtering out the bloodshed. However American mainstream media is usually pretty selective in what they'll show. Several months ago when I saw dead children on the CBS Evening News, it seemed pretty clear they're trying to fire up the public. Newspaper articles about the Maine or the Lusitania, or even news of Germans in Belgium won’t quite do it anymore.

20 March 2013

Profits and Social Stability- Perceptions and Reality

In the United States we’re committed to private ownership of public utilities. We’re convinced that profit oriented companies will provide better and more efficient service than a non-profit government entity or even a non-profit co-operative.

And yet this has created other difficulties. Profits are subject to market forces, the price of energy, fluctuating costs, natural disasters etc., and yet the service these companies provide is something that is not only deemed as desirable but absolutely necessary to social stability, the economy, and even national security.

Can something socially essential be left to the whims of the market? What are the moral dimensions to this and are they being rightly perceived by the Church?

17 March 2013

Shining a Little Light on Some Common Tax Deceptions

I just find it increasingly bizarre that so many Conservatives, so many Christians I speak with are so concerned with global conspiracy and the threat of Socialism and yet cannot see the institutionalized corruption and Corporate Socialism in our own system. They cannot see the economic racket our own country has created.

Obama and Beelzebub

Sorry I couldn't resist posting this link....


02 March 2013

Pilgrim Sociology and the Martyr-Prophetic Voice

I feel compelled at this point to stop for a moment and take stock lest some misunderstand the motivation behind what I’m writing about in dealing with these political, economic and social issues.

The Seed of Cain

I don't usually link articles too much anymore but this was a good one. I highly recommend it. Some of you will recognize its author 'Cal' as a frequent visitor here.

Jerusalem's King: Cain and Jesus