31 December 2011

Constantine Can't Rescue Britain- 3

Unity, the essence of Sacralism

Sadly, Britain has not abandoned the Sacral model, instead largely substituting a Secular Sacralism...oh yes, it's quite possible. Secular Sacralism is nothing more than the seeking of a secular unity, a secular utopia. Sacralism casts society in theological terms. With secularism it's a closed universe rejecting the idea of revelation, so it's not theology in a proper sense. But even secularism must account for metaphysical issues like ethics.

It has a creation narrative, an eschatology (the goal) and a soteriology (how to get there)... secularism is perfectly able to shape its own ideas in this regard. The key is all Sacralisms are committed to forging a social unity. There can be diversity within the Unity, but everyone MUST embrace certain values and goals.

29 December 2011

Constantine Can't Rescue Britain- 2

So what can make a society turn around? Lots of things I'm sure, but one thing I've noticed or observed as I read history is this...Hard Times.

The generation in America that's rapidly dying off experienced hard times during the 1930's. This shaped and cultivated their character and they learned (in a worldly wise sense) what really matters, what is really needed, and the futility of covetousness and the silliness of putting one's hope in material goods. They learned the same values the old Roman Republic had...sternness, hard work, frugality, duty, manners, devotion to family, planning ahead, saving...things along those lines. Do some of these coincide with Christian values? Somewhat, but they can also become confused.

Constantine Can't Rescue Britain- 1

David Cameron has suggested Britain needs to return to its Christian foundations. What do we do with a statement like this? I know most Christians will applaud it. Certainly Britain is in a state of moral degradation and collapse, but is a return to a Constantinian society the answer?

26 December 2011

Christmas, Communion, and the Incarnation 2

The Blessing of Communion

If it's a blessing, is it desirable or even prudent to neglect it?

Is frequent or regular Communion superstitious?

I could argue those who regularly abstain are either failing to understand its import or are themselves superstitious.

I'm thinking of those who believe having the Lord's Supper every time we meet or frequently approaches the realm of danger wherein we might be eating and drinking unworthily, failing to examine ourselves and thus falling under condemnation.

Christmas, Communion, and the Incarnation 1

How Christmas overrides the Scriptural way of corporately celebrating and recognizing the Incarnation.

So, why don't you celebrate the Incarnation?

I was asked this one year by a friend. It was asked in a non-hostile spirit. This particular person comes from shall we say a rather High Church, Anglo-Catholic position...as in Newman and Pusey. If those names mean anything to you, you'll understand where the question was coming from.

I found the question interesting in how it was framed. My rejection of Christmas was immediately assumed to be a rejection of the Incarnation.

25 December 2011

Christmas as a Federal Holiday...the Implications (Part 3)

Of course if I accepted the premise of Christmas I would go much further and celebrate all 12 days of Christmas ending on 6 January with Epiphany. That's the origin of Happy Holidays or Holy-days. Evangelicals, completely ignorant of Church history have embraced Catholic principles without even understanding them! Christmas was a cycle of days not just 25 December. Of course to the Orthodox 6 January is a bigger deal. Why isn't that a Federal Holiday? If it's okay to celebrate 25 December, then you certainly cannot argue against the other 11 days or any part of the liturgical calendar, civilly or theologically.

Christmas as a Federal Holiday...the Implications (Part 2)

What of the other symbols of Sacralism the Evangelicals fight for...the Pledge of Allegiance, the motto on our currency, Scripture quotations on public buildings?

These questions need to be thought through in light of the Sacralist or anti-Sacralist position.

The waters are muddied because there are some Sacralists who argue against the Pledge...because of its Socialist origins, not because Americans are swearing allegiance to a 'nation under God.' They have no problem with a Sacral pledge, just not that one.

Some wouldn't have a problem with it if the country was cleaned up and made Christian. Because it's not at present, they (at this present time) have a problem with it. Same with the motto on the currency. Change the Constitution to acknowledge Christ...and then yes, 'In God We Trust' belongs on the coins.

Christmas as a Federal Holiday...the Implications (Part 1)

In recent days I've heard what I consider a somewhat odd argument in the American Evangelical Christmas wars. It's funny you can almost always spot an Evangelical working in retail because you get a very aggressive and forced Merry Christmas as you finish your purchase. And I usually get a very vexed expression when I reply, "Thanks, have a nice weekend," and walk away.

Society should acknowledge 25 December as Christmas, and retailers should say Merry Christmas because...it's a Federal Holiday and marked on official calendars as "Christmas." That's a supplemental argument I keep hearing. They seem to feel it adds more weight and legitimacy to their position.

The government says it's Christmas....

Christmas is a Christian holiday, the government affirms we're a Christian nation...therefore it's improper to say Happy Holidays.

24 December 2011

FN Lee

*updated 24 December (evening)
Francis Nigel Lee has died. Most have probably not heard of him. He was something of a pariah even in Reformed circles. He talked about and was quite proud of the history of the Reformed Church in South Africa…a topic few wish to discuss, and consequently few Americans have any knowledge of.

I will grant FN Lee one thing, he was a consistent Sacralist. He excoriated Verduin and with Rushdoony and others realized the deep threat Two Kingdom non-Sacralist theology posed to their system and vision for the Church. The Anabaptists have always maintained a special place of condemnation in Reformed circles. It’s not so much about the issue of Baptism. That’s present, but many Reformed are Baptists as well. It’s really about their rejection of Sacralism, Dominionism, and Constantinianism. Though I’m not an Anabaptist, on these points I heartily agree with them, and maintain on these issues they are the maintainers and custodians of a key doctrine held by many Dissenters going back to the early Church.

In many ways this is one of the biggest issues in all of Church History. FN Lee understood this, he just came out on the wrong side…dreadfully wrong.

22 December 2011

Radio Free Babel Part 3

The final installment of this so far less than popular series dealing with CrossTalk in particular and Christian radio in general.

If I might promote some fear for a moment......

The United States, largely bolstered by robust Evangelical voters, put George Bush into office. Over the past ten years we've seen almost endless war, torture, prison camps, and the elimination of many civil liberties. Every day the United States is feeling more like a police state, and now we have the government deciding who is worthy of legal protections, and if you're deemed not worthy, even though you're a citizen, the state can assassinate you.

17 December 2011

Christmas 2011

Since it is the season I thought for now I would provide links to some of last year's posts dealing with the salient topic of the hour.

Nativities, Nestorianism, and Redemptive-History

Christmas 2010


Something of a Diatribe on Tombs, Monuments, Traditions, and Authority

This post will prove bewildering to some. I'm arguing within Reformed circles, so if you're not familiar with some of the terms and people, you'll probably be lost. It's something of a rant, a response to an almost tangle I had at another website. Then in response to this, I got into one with someone who was less than honest and forthright. I hesitate to include it. I'm not sure how profitable it is, but I don't want to leave it out and seem less than forthright myself. Some of you will find it interesting, maybe even helpful...others will perhaps be offended. I hope the heat doesn't cancel out the substance.

Also included here are a Spurgeon quote, and an article by AW Pink.

13 December 2011

Islam Part 3- The Devil Went Down to Florida

I find this story to be beyond outrageous. It is both shameful and sad, but is also an opportunity. I continually talk about the effects of Sacralism on the mind of its adherents. Many of you have no doubt heard about the Florida Family group putting pressure on Lowe’s and other companies becauseof their commercials running on a show called: All American Muslim.

The issue? The reality show portrays American Muslims as normal people, not Koran chanting extremists who want to kill. It’s subversive because we might think that Muslims are just…normal, lost people.

So our duty is to oppose this show and those who advertise on it…if we let this go on…it will destroy America and especially…yes, families in Florida.

12 December 2011

Radio Free Babel Part 2

This same kind of fear-mongering has been going on since the beginning. I first noticed it when Clinton won the presidency. At the time I was a Rush Limbaugh fan and very lost. I believed all the hype...and none of it happened. America was supposed to come crashing down, and instead lots of people made a whole lot of money. Our freedoms were supposed to be crushed. Well, some were lost but it wasn't anything like what was predicted. He was just like the rest. Now Bush, that was different...but in his case the Christo-Americans found a saviour and kindred spirit. And ironically under his administration we lost many more freedoms, the things they had predicted would happen under a Democratic regime.

09 December 2011

Manifest Reawakening

Hurry, don't miss your chance to get this and be part of restoring the Church to its true purpose. I am excited.

Just follow the link and be prepared with a box of tissues. You'll need them.

I can just feel the virtues flowing.

04 December 2011

American Christians are more outraged over Socialism than they are a false prophet…

A few comments on the effects of Sacralism on the Church with regard to politics, morality, social narrative, race, and authority

I’ve been watching for some time, looking for Christians to speak out about Mr. Herman Cain. Why?

This man presents himself as a Minister of Christ’s Church, a leader of God’s people. He also has declared himself a prophet, one who has conversations with God. God told him, he claims, to run for president. Whether he takes the label of prophet is irrelevant. His claims identify him as such.

03 December 2011

Answering Questions #13- Not Quite Definitively Defining Definite Definitions

Adding to the confusion….

In the last post I talked about how those on the Right, especially in Christian circles are guilty of misusing terms like Socialism, Marxism and so forth.

These terms are applied to broad categorical concepts, but in the United States their weight is more terms of emotion or in connotation rather than what they actually mean.

So when Obama is referred to as a Marxist, Socialist, Fascist, or Muslim extremist…the actual meaning of these terms really doesn’t come into play.

It just means he’s bad and wants to control everything…or even more simply that he’s not one of us, he belongs to the ‘other,’ ‘those’ people out there who are against America.

01 December 2011

Radio Free Babel Part 1

Aka Christo-American Radio

-Some reflections on an episode that demand comment

I know there are some readers at this site who listen or have listened to the programme CrossTalk. It's a pretty popular Christian radio show that's broadcast all across the country. I don't actually get it where I live but every once in awhile I will download and listen to a podcast.

They come across as very conservative, very committed to Biblical fidelity. But this programme and those put out by others, play no small part in what started me wanting to write, to do something, to counter their message. They are reaching a considerable number of people that really are sincere in wanting to adhere to Biblical Christianity. I'm arguing that programmes like this are actually leading them astray.