02 October 2010

America in the Andes

Here's a link to some news reports regarding the troubles in Ecuador.

and another paragraph on Wikipedia with some additional links.

Russia Today is not the best news source. They have a definite anti-American bias, yet I have to say more often than not when it comes to issues regarding the United States....they're right. I've written elsewhere about Putin and how he is portrayed in our media. Russia Today is not very good when it comes to analysis of the actions coming out of Moscow, they're a little to cozy with the Kremlin. But as I've said, like it or not, the Putin/Medvedev Kremlin is acting logically and responding quite reasonably to the geo-political aggression on the part of the United States.

Even though I often agree with the analysis, I'm leery of an organization that is so blatantly driven by an agenda. They're excellent for acquiring an alternate viewpoint when it comes to domestic Russian issues and they provided an interesting take on some of the issues surrounding Russian-Ukrainian tensions and the War over South Ossetia. They also broadcast come good documentaries. You can find most of this at their website, on YouTube, and you can watch it live if you download Livestation. That's how I watch Al Jazeera English, France 24, etc....

I've been following the unrest in Ecuador, and I guess unlike most Americans, my response is immediately...do the Americans have a role in this? Correa, the current president is not one Washington would approve of.

The Monroe Doctrine is still in effect, and so whenever someone in the Western Hemisphere comes into power that the United States doesn't approve of, they had better watch out.

Actually, when I heard about the troubles there...I don't have to turn on the news. I already know, somehow the United States is involved. Why? This has been the history of Latin American for over a hundred years. This kind of meddling gave rise to Castro, the Sandinistas, Pinochet and Liberation Theology.

It's amazing that so often the dictators and the forced policies that America supports has contributed to the destruction of local economies and that is what drives so many of the Latino immigrants to cross the border and head for El Norte, the North, America.

But then they arrive here and are absolutely despised, and who leads the charge to round them up? Who leads the charge to whip up the public against these economic refugees?

Christians. Just the other day, I heard Chuck Baldwin declare the number one problem in America today is illegal immigration. This is coming from a man who insists that politics and Christianity must be intertwined...so illegal immigration for him...it's a Church issue.

Why am I talking about Ecuador on a blog called Protoprotestantism? I'm sure I'll get an email. Simply because I want to continue to point to instances and examples of how America works, how our media works, and how Christians in this country due to what I think is a clearly a theological heresy...cannot understand what is really happening in the world. They wish to be the most clued in, and yet are from my perspective...the most blind and deluded people I've ever met.

Dispensationalism has Evangelicals so worried about One World Government, Tyranny, and The Mark of the Beast....but they are the last people who are in a position to understand the Bible's teaching on those subjects. They are the last people to understand that the United States fits the mold in so many ways.

A general tendency toward Sacralist thought has pushed the Church to embrace American-ism with fervour and a blind zeal. Not only does it destroy souls...in many cases their votes, checkbooks, and media are literally covered with spilled blood.


Anonymous said...

Well brother Proto, someone has to aticulate such facts. Well done! Very easy to see and understand.


Protoprotestant said...

Thanks Jamie. Glad to see the comments are working for you!

Yeah in the what 2 1/2 years since I wrote this, I've only learned at least 10x more about what America has done...just in our hemisphere.

Most Americans know nothing about the Imperial History. It's not pretty and to 99% of the people south of our border the USA is not the good guy in the least.

Protoprotestant said...

Sadly the link is dead, though the few points mentioned have not changed. As of today, the US is still working toward the subversion of Ecuador and has successfully worked over the past several years to overtly and covertly overthrow several Latin American governments. The social chaos is hard to understate. The most poignant example I can presently think of is in reference to Honduras. The US sponsored (and certainly backed) coup in 2009 has led to grave social disintegration and violence. It's been a field day for corporations.