02 July 2016

The Day of Lies

This Sunday will effectively be the July 4th Sunday, the day in which the National holiday is commemorated. In the Patriotic liturgy that has overtaken American Evangelicalism we might call this a high holy day.

But in truth it is a day of darkness, a day of evil, a day of lies.

It is a day in which all across the United States, churches will teach heresies. They will teach the lie that is American Exceptionalism. They will teach Christo-Americanism, that America is in covenant with God, a special, chosen and holy nation that has been set apart (sanctified) by God for special purposes.

This is without basis in the New Testament. It is therefore worship that is vain, rooted in the doctrines of men.

They will teach historical lies. They will twist, distort and whitewash history. These presuppositions will blind them to the true history of this country, what it has been about and why it is even today at this very place and moment a land of evil and unrighteousness. The wickedness that besets this land has deep roots that go back much further than many would admit. The sin of Sodom was first rooted in something inherent, something at the very heart of what America has always been about. Like Sodom it's a land of self-worship and covetousness and now the seed has borne its rotten fruit.

Sodom's sin was that it was a land of pride, fullness of food and abundance of idleness; neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and the needy. And this led to Sodom committing abomination for God and it was marked for destruction.

The American system has long worshipped money, possessions and the self. It has taught people to obsess about themselves and endlessly covet even to the point of destroying others in the process. It is no great shock that the children and grandchildren of this evil have now crossed over into the self-worship and self-absorption that is at the root of all deviance.

On Sunday 3 July 2016 the false teachers will spread myths and falsehoods about America's wars, its soldiers and in many cases will commit sacrilege in comparing their murderous deeds and imperial conquests to the sacrifices of Christ at the cross.

They will urge their congregations to put their confidence in princes, they will urge to sin, violence and revenge, to utilise the state and its force to punish enemies. They will urge the church to use the courts and the violence that backs them up to spread God's Kingdom.

It is a day of Satanic triumph. The enemies of the Gospel will roar and set up their banners in the midst of the assembly. It is day of evil and spiritual terror.

The faithful must stay away.

Stay home tomorrow if there's even a chance of this happening and then when asked next week... speak out and tell people why you stayed away. Bear witness to the truth.

Tomorrow July 3rd there will be very few churches in the United States of America that won't be worshipping idols, preaching heresy and spreading lies. It is without doubt one of the darkest days of the year.
It is a day in which rebellion and sin are celebrated. The 1776 Rebellion cannot be defended by Scripture and many Christians rightly opposed it.