18 January 2015

The State of the American Church in 2015

Though many churches elevate Scripture as God's Word and many profess to follow Scripture Alone, the reality is far different. We are surrounded by Churches that have elevated tradition and cultural norms placing them on par with God's Word or in some cases above it. Others have simply given in to the world and embraced its methods to build and sustain God's Church. While we don't doubt their motives, the result has proven disastrous and instead of strengthening the Church, they've created a counterfeit.

There are alternatives. Historically there have been Protestants that have maintained God's Word as the sole and sufficient authority for the Church. There have been groups of Christians that have rejected the temptations of power, the traps of legalism and the wisdom of the world. Like them we reject the false authority claims of Rome and yet wish to participate in the rich heritage of Christian truth that comes down to us through the ages. We're not trying to reinvent the wheel, or ignore the history of the Church, even if that history is muddled and often corrupted by false teaching.

On a practical level we've reached a point where a person seeking a reverent, Bible based meeting will be hard pressed to find one. There are very few and those that exist have often been polluted with doctrines that despite their claims do not represent 'Old Time' Christianity. Their congregations are the harvest of doctrines and worldviews scarcely a century old. Many of the teachings which have become part of the Evangelical Mainstream would have been all but unknown to most people in the 19th century, let alone beyond.

We are surrounded by congregations that have put entertainment above the Gospel, American Patriotism and its Middle Class Dream above Christ's Kingdom and not a few have prioritized Rationalism over and against the claims and doctrines of Christ.

We are a Bible-based Congregation, committed to worshipping God in Spirit and Truth and forming our lives according to the teachings found in Scripture. We wish to follow the Lamb no matter the cost and no matter whom we offend. We're not interested in winning the masses, drawing in crowds, political influence or finding a way to live at peace with the world at large. Conscientiously a minority we seek to honour God and make the Bible the focus of our thoughts and conduct.