23 October 2010

Mars, Bringer of War and his children

Since we've been talking about power and its effects and the dangers it poses for the followers of Christ, I thought I would take second a comment on yet another news item.

Recently we learned that the Obama Defense Department wants to sell $60 billion dollars worth of arms to Saudi Arabia, one of the largest arms deals in history. How strange that the man who has escalated the war in Afghanistan, continued the Bush policies of Rendition, Drone Assassination, Secret Prisons and now turned Arms Dealer par excellence was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize! This man is a leftist? Strange behaviour for one who 'hates' America and is driven by post-colonialism as one propagandist recently claimed.

I spoke in another recent post of the triadic nature of American power and yet once again the financial-corporate sector seems to demonstrate its dominance. The private Defense Contractors who feed on tax dollars are not terribly happy at the moment. Despite a golden decade of unprecedented profits, the near future doesn't look as rosy. Budget cuts, the reductions in Iraq, and the probable near future reductions in Afghanistan have left them wanting, so they have turned to the Department of Defense who has happily negotiated this astonishing deal.

Never mind the fact that supposedly 15 of the 19 hijackers were of Saudi origin, and we'll ignore the atrocious human rights record of the House of Saud. Somehow we're to believe the United States is all about the altruistic propagation of democracy? There are still hordes of Americans who actually believe this. I heard Rush Limbaugh say today that America has only done good things, and only helped other people. Anyone who says differently is a liar.

I was waiting for lightning to fall from the sky and blast his studio into dust. It will happen, but the Lord is longsuffering. Perhaps someday even Rush Limbaugh will see the truth. Perhaps some of his listeners and admirers will. I used to be an ardent fan, that was before I was converted and started reading and studying the Bible. I used to listen to him when George HW Bush was president, and I thought Limbaugh so brilliant in his analysis of the incoming horror....Bill Clinton.

Well, let's just say I understand now why a lot of people couldn't stomach him, but in those days I was certain if you didn't like him...you had to be a raging fire-breathing communist sympathizer.

My world has grown a little bigger since then and though Rush Limbaugh still lives in a little sound booth, I've learned a lot in the past twenty years.

One thing I've learned is the United States is massive oligarchical plutocratic empire. Money is the god of this Babylon. Don't be fooled, this has been her story from almost the beginning.

We have Christians running around today trying to argue that the 1776 Rebellion was about religious freedom. It was about taxes, money, and power. Sure the colonials had legitimate grievances, but the rebellion was sinful and in no way accords with anything that could be found in the New Testament.

I recently heard a Theonomist suggest that the Northern Kingdom's lynching of the Rehoboam's tax collector was a pattern for America. When Rehoboam assembled his army to invade the northern kingdom but was stopped by the prophet…it was God's way of sanctioning the principle of tax revolt.

I'm not kidding. Welcome to the Sacralist world of tortured hermeneutics.

It is the same kind of hermeneutic that allows Christians to find militarism compatible with following Christ. Somehow their Christ looks very much like the Roman Mars. Somehow their Christian America looks very much like Pagan Rome.

Not even Constantinian Rome to which they aspire...just Pagan Rome.

It is in moments such as these that we see something of the real power behind the scenes. It's a bit of the chicken and egg conundrum, but somehow the Contractors, the Defense(?) Industry always come out on top. Some have referred to this as nothing more than subsidies for the rich. The poor are derided for living in a mindset of 'dependency,' while he have thousands of elites making fortunes completely derived from and dependent upon…the Federal Government. How many have 'earned' their fortunes by investing in Energy and Defense spit on the poor without ever reflecting on the way the circle works?

It's all the more disgusting when you look into many Christian organizations and Christian endorsed Conservative Think Tanks and find they are often funded by these same entities. And these are the same people who pontificate about the evils of Socialism, central planning, and dependency? Whatever you may think of those things, for these 'Christians' to speak thus is offensive....no, that's too weak a word.

The love of money translates into the love of power. Love is blind they say. It clouds the mind. Or does it create delusion? Perhaps strong delusion sent as judgment from the Hand of God.


eliyahu said...

The military is government funded, and operated, and provides many thousands with lifetime careers and benefits, not to mention all the civilian businesses it hires and supports; it is the perfect example of socialism being used in successful conjunction with the private sector. Conservative Christian rhetoric is more cold war political posturing than Biblical truth; yet it's fed to the flock in congregations, and on the radio and tv all the time, and becomes easy to believe if the truth is never exposed. Good article.

Protoprotestant said...


Welcome. Sorry I haven't responded to any of your comments yet. I'm way behind on comments and emails.

I've read your comments that you left awhile back. Thank you and I appreciate your wisdom.

You're absolutely correct. The Military complex is indeed socialism....and on certain levels its worked tremendously as far as jobs etc...

But of course the Goldwater spin on Romans 13 views the military as a 'legitimate' form of government spending and promotion. To use the monies and build a massive desalinization plant on the west coast... or sponsor factories building affordable cars for the public...or whatever.

Nope that's not allowed.

Besides the military machine works in conjunction with the whole fear/power paradigm. People using tax dollars to build cars or computers...hard to scare people into that.

I look forward to your further comments.

Eliyahu BenYsrael said...

After reviewing the Military Religious Freedom Foundation's website, I'm shocked to see the Dominionist influence in the military as this ideology seeks to capture key positions of power to ensure the military favors, advances, and protects Christianity as it's and all of America's official religion. In the process, the military is to be the Christian crusaders, exterminating the infidel Muslims, and extending the "kingdom of God" throughout the earth. I've read that America's weapons are inscribed with New Testament Bible verses (the better to kill the unbelievers with) and speakers like William Boykin are offered at prayer breakfasts.

I find it amazing that Christians are even involved with the military and it's inherent offensive violence and killing, when they're so busy screaming about the sanctity of life in the pre-born, regardless of any circumstances; unless that pre born is standing in front of a terrorist.

It's grieving to see the thorough misunderstanding of Christianity in so much of the American Christian populace and the results this ignorance produces; you should take a minute to see this site and read Mike Weinstein's hate mail from Christians whose only identification of being Christian is shamefully calling Jesus their Lord and Savior as they're cursing him profusely. I honestly couldn't believe it.

Please keep up the good work bro.

Eliyahu BenYsrael said...

I kid you not brother: Rick Joyner is calling for a military takeover of the United States government and martial law to enforce a righteous Christian government on this video:

and a retired army general Paul Vallely declares he's willing to lead a military takeover of the US government

This is extremely bad. These guys ungodly beliefs could lead to real civil war and persecution on Christians all over.

Protoprotestant said...

I know. It's getting pretty nuts.

I wonder what will happen if the Dems take the White House again in 2016?

Protoprotestant said...

I've read and watched stuff about Weinstein. Yeah, there's a real battle going on in the military.

I imagine it has changed some since I got out in 1997. There was plenty of Christian Right stuff around but most of the people I worked with were just pagans and really immoral.

But... many of them get some religion...being away from home, scared, trying to find a group to identify with. They could be emotionally stirred and then go out on Saturday night get wasted and fall into bed with someone. It was really shallow.

Maybe that's changed. The Church definitely has. An increasing number of people are being brought on board with this overall agenda even if they know nothing of its origins, even if they can't quite see the big picture of what its all about.

Eliyahu BenYsrael said...

I just heard Walid Shoebat on an interview defending Christians' participation in the crusades. Yes, those Crusades. I can't believe that Christians did that in the first place, let alone that many today defend it! Sure, it was necessary to preserve the Christian Europe from the invading Muslim armies, but that doesn't make it right for Christians to do; yet this is what is taught in Chrstiandom..?

Protoprotestant said...

I heard him awhile back making the same argument. He was on an Evangelical show and they were almost trying to hide his Orthodox affiliations. The guy is not a Christian and worse I think if you look into him a bit...he's a fraud.

Protoprotestant said...

I was listening to Kevin Swanson today. He was kind of stirring the same pot. On the one hand he's arguing that we need William Wallace's and speaking in terms of crisis. His fear-mongering would definitely promote panic and violence...an old game from the Right in this country.

But then he would back down and qualify his statements and insist he wasn't promoting violence.

I'm profoundly thankful that I'm not a Presbyterian but I'm surprised his presbytery doesn't take issue with him. I feel very sorry for the flock he leads. They're being led over a cliff.

Protoprotestant said...

Oh yeah he was also praising the Western empires (presumably the British Empire) and basically saying that their abandonment of God led to its collapse.

What blindness to not realize that Christians should have been completely rejecting the British Empire.

He thinks it was 'of' God. It was mass murder and theft on a global scale. The UK has gotten off easy. The only noble thing that empire ever did was work (more or less) to peacefully dismantle after WWII. Even that was a mess but could have been much worse.

Morally bankrupt blind guides. They call evil good and good evil.