28 August 2016

Jeroboam's Altar and Christo-Americanism

Like Babylon and Assyria of old, America can indeed be called the 'servant' of God and His Providence. In the New Testament the state is in the same spirit called His 'minister'. The ideas if not the words are the same.

The Dynamic Principle in Sociology

This was recently added to the glossary.

The Dynamic Principle in Sociology states: All political and economic models break down due to competing interests and ideas. Academic models are based on stability or at least temporary equilibriums which do not exist in the reality of any given moment. Real world forces and contingencies always exert pressure and never allow any political or economic models to function in the sterile environment of the ivory tower. Sociological fundamentalisms are based on subjective frameworks both in terms of ideology and context and are therefore de facto invalid and unworkable.

25 August 2016

Rust Belt Appalachia Musings

There have been numerous reports as of late of towns within the Rust Belt that are trying to crack down on slum rentals by demanding inspections. Just recently in New York they put forward a proposal to grant interior access to inspectors which would force renters to allow government officials into their homes.

Obviously not all renters are thrilled with this prospect, nor are the landlords.

20 August 2016

Finance Capital and the Real Economy

The recent episode regarding Macy's is telling. Macy's like many other retail outlets has been struggling for some time. Sales are down and many large retail outlets have been trying to cut costs and reorganise. It's turned the shopping experience into frustration as many of the stores keep limited inventories on hand and instead direct you to their websites. This is while you try (and fail) to find someone to wait on you.

It might seem counterintuitive but Macy's announcement to close 100 stores sent their stock soaring by 17%. It was a great day on Wall Street. How can this be? Isn't the closing of stores a bad thing?

17 August 2016

Inbox: What does it mean to speak prophetically in our day?

I believe special authoritative revelation ceased with the end of Apostolic Age. Christ himself was the Final Prophet as it were, at least according to the clear teaching of the book of Hebrews. And that's just for a start.

His Apostles by extension were specially commissioned to 'finish' (again, as it were) His ministry and bring out the full revelatory glory of His Person and work as well as provide us the authoritative foundations for the New Covenant era. They weren't just Prophets, they were akin to the Twelve Patriarchs, but this time of the New Israel.

13 August 2016

MacArthur's Grave Error

In another recent sermon entitled 'Who is God's Candidate', John MacArthur exposes deep flaws in his thinking, his own internal contradictions and a commitment to Judaized theology that overarches all of this thought.

09 August 2016

MacArthur's Warning

John MacArthur's recent 'We Will Not Bow' sermon is getting some attention. It's evident the Christian Right is in turmoil with regard to both their political project and society in general.

02 August 2016

A Pseudo-Two Kingdoms Debate

Tuininga v. Boot

Listening to this debate was something of an exercise in frustration. It was a case of Dominionism v. Dominionism and the debaters admit as much--- that the differences are minimal. It really comes down to questions of form and expectation.