15 July 2010

Propaganda Indeed!

American Vision is sort of the poster child for everything this project is against. It represents not just Constantinianism but a peculiar and vehement American variety of it. This is exactly what I'm talking about elsewhere in reference to applying the pseudo-Christian worldview to history and current events. This is the telos.

This morning I encountered a rather outrageous post from one of their contributors. I am saddened to see people outside of the United States falling for what is so obviously a culta americana as opposed to Biblical Christianity.

I tried to post this comment, but their website only allows for short posts....we've talked about this before as well. I've tried to email this letter to the author. We'll see what happens? Maybe they'll all come and scream at me, but I keep finding they choose to just ignore their critics or beat up on straw men of their own choosing.

Here's the link to the post: When Your Own Propaganda Turns Against You

And here's my letter to the author:

In response to your article When Your Own Propaganda Turns Against You, appearing on the American Vision website on 14 July 2010.

Mr. Bojidar Marinov,

I'm afraid I have to conclude you don't know what you're talking about. It's all the more baffling to me as a European that you would make these statements, and why as a European Christian you would sign on to the bizarre Christo-American-Constantinianism groups like American Vision support.

I'll say it again. If socialism (an economic system) = Mao and Stalin (who were Totalitarians under the monicker of Communist).......then what of all the social democracies in Europe? Are you trying to insinuate Sarkozy, Merkel, Cameron, and Berlusconi are all Maoists? They all want to kill people? All of Europe even those who are considered on the right is socialist. It's an economic model wherein the large-scale industries and utilities and things that are considered basic human rights for a stable society are held by the state and kept out of the hands of those who would profit and thus possible exploit the people.

It's ironic, but Europe consequently has on average a much higher standard of living than the United States.

As a Christian, who cares what the Founding Fathers said in the end? They're works should not be treated as deutero-cannonical. But history didn't stop in 1776 or 1789. Things progress, other issues arise, and frankly from a historical standpoint the country founded by Jefferson and Washington...didn't last long. Even under Monroe with his hemispheric doctrine that has led to largescale death over the past almost 200 years......that was a complete abandonment of the vision of his predecessors.

The no neutrality argument is a red herring. It's based on a false and forced philosophical construct coming out of Kuyperian-Van Tillian thought. It's the quest to find an airtight comprehensive system that can answer all the problems in the world and come up with Biblical solutions for politics, economics, and culture. It refuses to recognize and allow the realm of Common Grace (the matrix for which the gospel to operate) to function.

The problem is the Bible never promises a complete system for us. It's a wrong assumption, driving wrong questions, and thus ending with wrong answers. The Bible is sufficient for the life of the church and the Christian...it's covenantal, it's not a blueprint for geo-politics and culture.

All manmade systems fail....because we live in a fallen world. Capitalism fails. Socialism fails. The same goes with political systems, legal constructions, cultural shaping and policing etc.....

To assert that fallen man, can grasp the spiritual concepts of the Kingdom of God and live in a manner that pleases him is a Pelagian worldview. You must be Born Again to see the Kingdom. It's not about right or left, or American nationalism. The actual Christian worldview teaches us that everyone is evil, all nations and political systems are fallen. The good is the Kingdom of God in this world. It doesn't matter what system we live under. In America we're often given the 'life' dilemma. Well to me, both main parties are pro-death. One believes in abortion, the other is militaristic and is responsible for vast bloodshed as well.

I know you will violently disagree with what I've written, but think about it. I tried to post this on the website, but it would not allow me. It told me it was too long. After trying to cut it into several sections it still would not work, so I'm trying to email it you directly as well as post it on my own website.

Thank you,

John A.

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