28 July 2010

Beyond Redemption.....

In light of the fact that I constantly hear the CIA praised on Christian radio and in Christian media, I have decided to share this link.

If you've read the other pieces on this site, I've talked about how in many ways the Christians in America are the most susceptible to state propaganda. I said some things in my Why and How series that some will find to be shocking and offensive. Though hardly alone in my thinking, there are few in the Christian community who would echo it.

LewRockwell is hardly a Christian site and I do not endorse it. There are many interesting articles there but also many I totally disagree with. This one I spotted and found to be helpful. It's a summary of an argument Christians should be making, but as I indicated in referencing Christian media, they instead make the opposite. I don't mean to suggest we should involve ourselves in the relevant politics per se. Rather, I argue that we of all people should cease the cheerleading in our own circles and quit sending our children off to support the regime. When asked, we should tell the truth.

I'm not arguing every Christian needs to be a historian or philosopher, but I do argue every Christian needs to be thinking, aware, vigilant, seeking the truth in matters so that we of all people should be the last to deceived. That's why I post articles like this and will ocassionally share others. I'm not on an anti-American crusade. I'm trying to awaken people and provoke them to think. Some of my growing number of readers understand this. Those who don't, I urge you to think outside the box given to us.

As American's we are in general a historically ignorant people and in some ways we know less about our own real history than many outside our borders. We were taught in school and university a version of history. We usually categorize it as Left or Right. Rather we should understand it was cast in categories given to us by the ruling establishment. The same is true with our politics and foreign policy. There is discussion and debate within a small circle. Step outside of it, and it's a whole new world. Left and Right suddenly seem....rather similar.

Here's the article regarding the CIA......

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