11 July 2010

Why am I talking about all this? How did I get here? Part 8

The Truth is never Treason in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Once you leave Sacralism behind you start to see everything in a new light. You see the American Church for what it is….more or less apostate, Beast worshipping, and deluded. You see how Christians are generally not interested in the truth when it comes to news or history. And for most, they know far more about political issues and spend more time on the culture war than they do the Kingdom of God. Do they see the Kingdom?….I don't know.

We don’t seem to know what the Kingdom is. The American church doesn't think of it as Christ reigning in the heart of his people. If they do, the people are the United States, preferably white people in the United States. We don't seem to understand what the church is when we think it's institutional. We talk about thinking and worldview, but everyone is getting blinder by the minute. We're ripping each other part over doctrinal issues, but usually not even touching on the real issues that are driving the assertions and ignoring and giving a pass to the presence of Satanic people sitting right in the midst of the church. How many Reformed people have I heard will slam Lee Irons or Kline but then praise Falwell or Dobson? I trembled the day Falwell died. I remember it well. I trembled to think of him standing before the throne. Lord, Lord, haven't I done all these things….

He was one of the ones we were being warned of. A wolf. He taught people to worship the Beast…Sacralized America is a Beast. She doesn't have to persecute Christians to worship Her in their churches. They do it willingly.

I realized Conservative Politics were largely a sham, and for Christians in the United States, they are driven by false assumptions, oversimplifications, and deception. The Christian Left can be just as guilty and makes the same fundamental mistake. They do ask better questions, but in applying a leftist Sacralist model they too draw the wrong conclusions. Leftist Sacralism is more of a European Protestant problem.

We can't vote for Obama (I didn't) because he would support using tax money for abortion. We have to vote pro-life. That's the argument I keep hearing.

Our tax dollars have killed directly or indirectly almost two million people in Iraq and Afghanistan since 1991. Where’s the outrage? Two million dead in Vietnam. We supported the government in Cambodia that killed 1.8 million people. A million were killed in purges in Indonesia and supported by the Nixon administration. We all remember Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines being ousted in the 1980's. He was the American Proxy. The revolution wasn't about Marcos. It was about America. We'd occupied the Philippines since the McKinley administration, minus the Japanese interlude during the war. We fought a horrible guerilla war there during Theodore Roosevelt's administration, something like 200,000 people were killed. World War II, was perhaps the only just war this country has ever been involved in, but the 'just' reasons were never really promoted. We didn't go in to stop the Holocaust. We didn't enter particularly even to help the British or French. Roosevelt crushed them with Lend-lease. Britain and France came out losers, scrambling to liquidate their overseas holdings, stuck as lap-dogs to the newly Imperial American power. You bet there's some resentment in Europe toward the United States. They were glad for the help and the Marshall plan, but contrary to the really naive perceptions of a lot of people, the U.S. does not give gifts without strings attached. America got corporate power, political power, and military occupation. The war ended 65 years ago and we're still occupying Japan and Germany.

What of Africa? Look at Zaire, which is Congo once more today. When the Belgians left in 1960 a crisis precipitated and Lumumba took over. When he started to align with the Eastern Block, the Americans backed Mobutu and later assisted in having Lumumba assassinated. Mobutu Sese Seko would rule until the late 1990's, when finally he was overthrown, a series of events sparking the Congo War, also known as Africa's World War which has left some 5 million dead. I guess the United States can't be blamed for that, but the presence on an American proxy for almost forty years helped to set the stage. Mobutu was a brutal dictator and responsible for large scale human rights violations. Yet, he always had good relations with the United States, especially with Reagan. I happened to be staying at the same hotel as Mobutu in the mid-80's on one his trips to Washington. Detained in the lobby by the Secret Service, I got to watch the whole procession. It was impressive. He came strutting in with his leopard cap followed by numerous ladies in full-length fur coats, hoards of security and retainers, a long fleet of limousines. The Liberian cab driver that had our luggage and was waiting outside was cussing and swearing that an animal like Mobutu was allowed in the United States. It was Cold War policy. America had no problem propping up brutal dictators as long as they didn't do business with the Soviets. When the USSR broke up in 1991, the United States no longer had use for him. And though he had warm relations with Nixon, Reagan, and George H.W. Bush, it was wicked old Bill Clinton that finally said that's enough, and denied him a visa to visit in 1993. But he did have some advocates in the United States. A certain man who has long had many connections to the mineral and diamond industries stepped up and tried to intervene with the State Department on his behalf...yes, Pat Robertson. When you watch Blood Diamond, hang a picture of Pat Robertson next to your television. There's more in Africa, we could talk of the Angolan Civil War, hundreds of thousands dead, but you get the idea.

Latin America. Oh, I can't even begin to summarize that chapter.. We could talk about Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, the PRI party in Mexico, Columbia, drugs, CIA, coups, annexations, murder, assassinations and death squads....and why? The Monroe Doctrine. We declared in the early 19th century that South America was ours. It is a long and sordid tale with a death toll into the hundreds of thousands.

American Christians deny all these things or justify them in light of the Cold War. They think the big threat to the world is the United Nations, the spear-point of Global Government. The funny thing is, the rest of the world considers the UN to be something of an impotent joke and failure. The Secretary-General has no authority.

The Security Council which is the only part of the UN that has any teeth is a complete racket. The top dog countries in the world control it and have veto power, so nothing can be accomplished. The UN has passed over 200 resolutions concerning Israel and yet they are not worth the paper they are printed on because of one country, the United States. We veto everything that has to do with Israel. Read international affairs books, read interviews, you'll find no one in the world that talks in terms of actual power has any regard for the UN. They're a joke. If the Security Council was abolished and the powers were given to the General Assembly with no veto overrule, well that would have some teeth, but would quickly have them extracted because you would see every NATO power, China, Russia, and just about every country outside of the 3rd world pull out.

Now in terms of something close to a Global Government, that more or less dominates the rest of the world and has exported the most powerful expression of Cultural Imperialism in the history of the world...

If you want to talk about the largest most dominant military power in the history of the world...

If you want to discuss the biggest Corporate Plutocratic Militaristic Imperial state the world has ever seen, like Carthage and Rome combined, complete with a Colossus, a goddess-idol worshipped by her Sacralist followers in the harbour of her great city.....

Then look no further than the United States of America. The UN isn't the one world government the Dispensationalists are looking for. If there is one, it's headquartered in Washington D.C. and New York City.

Conservatives are not pro-life and their critics see the hypocrisy and point it out to them. But they won't listen. The United States arguably spends more on Defense than all the rest of the countries in the world combined…..but it's not enough. Cal Thomas, Kirby Anderson and other Christian conservatives call for more. What model are they operating under? Sacralism. Thomas tries to deny it. Every once in awhile he'll try and say…oh, we can't expect politics to work….it's not because he thinks the Christian Right positions are wrong. No, he totally supports them….he just doesn't think it will really work….and somehow that makes him a retreatist? He's not a retreatist. He's quite captivated by the 'might' he claims to reject.

Wrong assumptions, wrong questions, wrong models, wrong expectations, wrong kingdom.

I finally woke up one day I realized I don't care about being Reformed. I don't care about being an American. I am citizen of Christ's Kingdom. Nothing else matters.
With that in mind, I can look at social issues differently…from a non-sacralist point of view. I'm not thinking in terms of a Christian society. I'm thinking in terms of society that promotes peace and liberty so that we can function as Christians within it. I would prefer one that wasn't engaged in rape and murder all around the world, an Empire with a wicked culture that is perceived as Christian…one that wasn't cheered on and worshipped by its own Christian citizens who all lead the charge in the realm of propaganda and revising history.

We’ll we've done some bad things, but compared to Mao, Hitler and Stalin… we haven't done anything. Okay, so we're fifth or sixth on the top ten list of death counts. Something to be proud of. Yes, we're better than Mao, we're the good guys.

The American Propaganda model is much smarter and much more effective than anything Mao or Stalin came up with. They were amateurs.

They think you control the population through fear….1984 type stuff. But that makes people question and covet….it's like the law telling them they can't have something…so they get curious. Some fall for the lie, but many don't and are suspicious and they wait for the right time to act. The fear generates resentment and a desire for something else.

In America we don't primarily use fear….except when we want to do something big, like what George Bush wanted to do. In that case the administration created a hysteria with their alert levels and warnings….all aided by the media. That way they were able to accomplish some pretty outrageous things. It was an exception, but one that might become more common.

Generally, the American machine works by distraction. Keep your people fat and happy. Bread and Circuses on a grand cultural scale. Sport, Malls, turning your house into shrine to your ego, stock market, entertainment etc….

Let the authors write the books that expose what we do. No one will read them. And those who do will be to few, and others won't care.

So rather than brutalize their own people in the quest for Babel…like Mao and Stalin…..America brutalizes the rest of the world. We have the largest militaristic-complex Empire in history. I think the only thing comparable in terms of military spending might be the Assyrian empire. We have a legacy of death and destruction. Don't talk about aid or loans, it is also an Imperialist tool…I could go on and on. We know how to market. No one can do business like the Americans can. We run countries through corporations and proxies. We don't want our flag over their capital. We don't want to micromanage. We are constantly scheming and slitting throats all over Africa, Asia, and South America trying to keep some out and keep our guys in.

Our country is not a Republic. It is a rank plutocracy and there are many people in power who will admit it. Don't be fooled by Obama's government takeovers. The political machine in this country is only as strong as those writing the checks behind it. They are the rulers. The candidates we are allowed to choose from have to be backed by a consensus. Look at how the media destroyed Howard Dean. He was outside the box and they waited for the right moment for him to do something silly and they destroyed him.

If someone slips through the cracks…they can contain it. It's all about money in our machine. Obama started as an outsider, but investigate a bit and you'll find before the campaign was done...he was mainstream. He was getting checks from Wall Street Banks and the rest. Oh, the defense contractors didn't like him, but they do now.
They don't hate us because we're free…or because they're evil. They hate us because we're evil.

Didn't I read something about a false prophet….a lamb that spoke like a dragon? Do you still have that Pat Robertson picture handy?

But since it happened in Byzantium, the Holy Roman Empire, and the British Empire, why should it be any different here?


John Y said...

I have read through all 8 of these how and why posts and have a few questions. Are you a member of a local Church? Do you have a Pastor and mentors who can speak corrections, exhortations and encouragement into your own life and struggles with your own sin? With your knowledge of world history and the time it took to accumulate this knowledge do you still have time to read good theology and the scriptures? What is your vocational calling?

I have been an avid reader of Modern Reformation magazine since the early 1990's. I have also read a lot of the literature and books by faculty members at Westminster West. You seem to have trouble with the major creedal expressions of the faith coming out of the reformation (Heidelberg catechism, Canons of Dort, Belgic Confession, Westminster Confession of Faith and the Lutheran Book of Concord). You seem to trust your own mind and conclusions you have come to better than the collective wisdom of the historical Church accumulated over 2000 years of persecution and defending itself against heretical attacks. Or, am I coming to a wrong conclusion about that? Would it be necessary for the proto-protestants to come up with their own creedal statements and how many proto-protestants are there besides you? I am also a bit leery of your cloaking yourself in mystery. I realize you have to protect your family and all but your coverup and going underground is a bit unsettling to me. Why should I trust the conclusions you have come to instead of what the historical Church has regarded as critical truths? I believe I am justified by a holy God by grace alone, through faith alone on the account of Christ for God's glory alone. God then sanctifies me through Word and Sacrament and I then work this out in my vocational callings by serving the lost world with the gifts God has given me. By doing my small part I get assurance that I am pleasing God even while struggling with my own sin. I leave the rest into God's Providential hands. Your mission seems to be a bit grandiose to me. I have learned to tone down my self-importance and am limited in what I can really do. The best I can do is seek God's will in his word, understand it as best I can, do what I can and leave the big stuff up to the big Kahuna. What else can I do. Your project gets me dizzy just thinking about how much world analysis I would have to do to keep up with what you keep up with.

How do you differ with the vision that is coming out of Westminster West? That is the point I was trying to get at through all the above.

John Y said...

There is a lot of interesting thoughts and insights in this web site. Your glossary of terms is very helpful. You are hitting on issues of extreme importance. The bits on pietism and transformationalism are "spot on" as everyone says these days. I still would like a better explanation of why you have trouble with going the creedal-liturgical route, ie., like the route Scott Clark and Darryl Hart have travelled. There does not seem to be a unified route coming out of Westminster West but they often keep their differences to themselves. Your position I think they would critique as bordering on biblicism. How would you answer that criticism. I am using that term biblicism the way Scott Clark uses it in his book Recovering the Reformed Confession.

That is the only thing I have found so far that I would be in disagreement with you. You have some really good insights in what I have read so far. Thanks for posting this stuff. I read Leonard Verduin's book about 30 years ago when I was heavily involved in the charismatic movement. Derek Prince wrote a review of the book in New Wine Magazine back in the late 70's or early 80's. I am not that familiar with the proto-Protestant groups that you talk about on this site and have not read those sections yet on this blog site. Being heavily entrenched in reformation literature the last 20 years I have not read much of the Anabaptist literature that the Reformers fought against. I know Luther was influenced by the Hussites. Who were the main sources you used for the info and history on the proto-Protestants? I'm looking forward to learning more about the stuff you write about.

Protoprotestant said...

Hey thanks for writing. I appreciate your questions and your valid concerns.

I wanted to try and give good answers so I just put all this into a post. It's the current one...Answering Questions #8.

The Comment function doesn't even allow quite a page so that would have become very frustrating.

Please feel free to write more. If you don't want me to put it up as a blog post, just email me privately. If you don't mind, I like making them public...your questions are good ones.

Thanks again.

John Y said...

Thanks for your response. I am really enjoying reading your posts. You write very clearly and in an organized way so it is much easier to follow the flow of your arguments. This is great stuff. I will try not to be overly complimentary but be honest with any disagreements I have. I am truly intrigued and excited about reading a lot of the posts you have.

I do not mind you putting up answers to my questions as a blog post. If I have any problems or want to make more private responses to you I will emial you and give you my private email address also. Again, thanks for making your work public like this. It is fun and inspiring to read.

eliyahu said...

Your posts have been right on. Many Christians view America from a religiously approved lense, making it something it's not. Hence, 911 is because of gay marriage, or no prayer in schools and abortion; anything but blowback-because that would make America -and it's policies Christians supported, wrong and at fault.

I'm glad to hear you won't conform to any of the the real heresies in the church-denominations and the philosophical theories which enforce and shape them. They have been elvated to the level of infallibility and the Word of God-which they aren't. You aren't required by God to agree with them at all. Judging one's Chrisitan faith by these man made mechanical creeds is just drive through theology; to efficiently maximize the numbers of outward conformance to the religion of the empire instead of by their fruits you know them. Ignore them all, and start from scratch.

A change of view will certainly change how so much of the church views the world. So much of world history and modern events would be repudiated by the conservative church, even though it's true. It's sad. Pray for them as we want the mercy of God upon ourselves.