01 October 2010

Discerning Babel- Addendum

A further comment concerning Colson.

I remember just recently listening to Jim Daly of Focus on the Family praise Colson as a modern day Paul. Colson assured him that many have said so, but it was all God of course.

They praise Colson not only for his Prison ministry and Worldview efforts, but also for his fine service to our country, and in the esteemed Nixon administration. There was just that one little incident that led to his prison sentence...and they don't come out and say it...but it's almost like persecution. I don't think there are too many Evangelicals who really object to what Nixon was doing in both the foreign and domestic realms. They cry Separation of Powers! when Obama is president, but during the Imperial Nixon regime...all was well.

Now Paul was very clear about his past and what he did and in no way wished to revisit it or glory in it. In fact he called it dung. He didn't want to look back...but ahead, but was always quite candid about who he was before that unique day on the road to Damascus.

By coincidence (wink) NPR ran a story a couple of days ago about a new book by Mark Feldstein dealing with a journalist who battled with Nixon for decades. Jack Anderson was an investigative reporter back in the 1950's when there weren't very many. The Golden Age of News if you're a Conservative...back when it was merely a mouthpiece for the State Establishment. Not that it's much better today. Anyway, Anderson exposed the slush fund that led to Nixon's Checkers Speech, and continued to expose various corruptions throughout the Nixon presidency, especially in regard to America's support of Pakistan in the 1971 war with India, and the Somoza dictatorship in Nicaragua.

The book documents this little war between Nixon and Anderson, in which Nixon illegally employed the CIA to track him. Eventually some members of the White House staff began planning to assassinate him. This is documented, not speculation. Most of the players are now dead, but White House 'Plumber' E. Howard Hunt came clean before his demise. G. Gordon Liddy (living) is also on record in this matter.

They ran into numerous logistical difficulties and had to be extra careful to cover their tracks. Before they were able to eliminate Anderson, these same men were caught breaking into the Watergate Hotel.

Who actually gave the order to assassinate this journalist? All involved named Chuck Colson as the originator of the order. Undoubtedly Nixon himself was behind the charge.

No surprise, Colson doesn't want to talk to Feldstein the author, and when questioned about it on other occasions....can't remember anything.

Again and again it strikes me....this man is not repentant at all. Since he's a felon he never could re-enter politics, but it would seem he's done everything he can to stay in the game. Is this the spirit of someone who was turned away from the filth of Washington?

What if Colson actually told the truth....told everyone what the White House and Politics are really like? It's hard to get people excited when they realize the majority of these people are not leaders, not people exhibiting moral integrity, they are much more reminiscent of the Corleone's of Godfather fame.

Instead Colson talks about being Born Again, is quick to set himself up as an authoritative political and cultural commentator, accepts praise for his 'service', but seems to want to hold back. He still speaks of loyalty....to what? A criminal regime? I'm sorry, a traitorous regime?

Was it coincidence The Family was interested in Colson? It's been reported that in the Bush White House Dobson, Falwell, and Haggard were considered something of a joke. You couldn't speak against them, but to White House staffers they were ideologues if not clowns. Colson however was respected. He had the connections, the procedural knowledge. He understands how things work, who to talk to, and what can realistically be done. He's proved a very useful tool and has no doubt become of the top men in the unacknowledged Evangelical hierarchy.

Just like Paul....

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