15 December 2012

Answering Questions #20- Restorationism (7) Restoration, Kingdom and Political Expectation

Practically speaking a Restorationist mindset means frustration with the state of things and many difficulties in relating with other Christians. It becomes all the more confusing because you will encounter many Evangelicals who believe they too are Restorationists.
They believe they are following 'just the Bible' and they too want the Church to be like it was in the first centuries. And then more often than not, they'll talk about 'our guys' over in Vietnam or Afghanistan and how we need to stand by Nixon, Reagan, Bush, or whomever. They'll also tell you about how America was founded as a Christian nation etc..
The pronouns become confused and it becomes clear they really have no idea what they're talking about...not just about America...but with regard to Restorationism. In fact for them the founding of America is almost a Restorationist concept!
Generally speaking a Restorationist mindset has led to a myriad of practical difference that makes 'getting on' with your average Christian American Evangelical rather difficult. For the rest of this series I would like to touch on some of those differences.

So-Called Christmas 2012

Once again I offer the following to consider during this time of....whatever it is that's happening right now.

It's interesting that those who decry the materialism of this season have failed to grasp that our retail economy and thus much of the national economy is absolutely dependent on Christmas related sales. Many stores break even at best nine months out of the year. Christmas related sales make or break them. If there was a nationwide rejection of materialism...the national economy would implode and collapse.

Of course as one who spends absolutely zero on Christmas, I care little other than I would like to see the country adopt a different economic model...one that would necessitate a different political order. But that's for another time.

In the meantime for those interested in contemplating or reconsidering this holy day....