28 June 2012

News Commentary 28 June 2012 (2)

 Some musings about the continued fallout....
I heard a commentator today mention that this decision coupled with an Obama re-election will further radicalize the extreme Right. I agree. But what does that mean for Christians who reject Sacralism?
This has already entered the Church and though I'm no fan of Barack Obama, I am not content to sit in a congregation where people are cursing the nation's rulers, engaging in seditious and violent rhetoric and promoting law-breaking and armed resistance. Anyone who has read my writings knows I am no fan of the great lie known as the United States. Nevertheless I am to pray for the peace of this Babylon, not try and overthrow Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus, Sennacherib, or Caesar.

In addition I truly believe the polarization of the country will soon reach a point of crisis. A failure to bring about some change to the health care system...whether a socialist, regulated Capitalist, or libertarian free market model...without some kind of change, there will be social unrest. Disenfranchised broken people have no stake in the social contract. Without a basic level of security, words like 'freedom' are meaningless. Drugs and petty crime will in time expand and serious criminal elements will begin to organize, and the instability will only fuel the social unrest.
What will happen first....martial law and draconian suppression?...or will the political leaders finally take on and break the power of the Military Industrial Complex and end....the American Empire? Either way, there's trouble on the horizon and America like all Empires will collapse onto the ash heap of history.
While this is yet future, both then and now, the Sacralists will insist that you must stand with them, or be charged with apostasy. They will accuse people like me of being 'Sunday-only' Christians, when it is they who abandon their Christianity throughout the week and embrace not only worldly ethics and tactics to build and defend their Babel, but worldliness in general as their every thought and energy is directed toward the idol they worship.
Why am I even commenting on this health care ruling? Because I am convinced the Christian Right will misinterpret it, manipulate it, and I think most Christians will fall easy prey to propaganda because they don't understand the law nor the issues at stake.
I am a complete amateur when it comes to these matters but I have found myself often engaged with good Christian political buffs and Constitutionalists and it takes very little to work them into a frenzy. So often they've only operated within their circles and when they encounter people who argue against them...they can dismiss them as lost or even worse...liberals.
So then I'm standing in front of them and I'm arguing against their general principles...from the Bible. And on top of that...I'm arguing against their interpretations of current events, history, politics, law, etc... They often become quite frustrated if not angry, but I find many (not all) of them have a very poor understanding of the issues. This is the state of things. The myriad of ministries and resources have propagandized the American Evangelical but they've not taught them how to think nor interact with facts and questions that don't fit their preconceived models.
I find it all to be quite discouraging and both socially and ecclesiastically dangerous. I wish people would just step back, look at other countries besides the United States, look at Christians functioning in other countries besides the United States, and look at history.
A better understanding of law and its relation to society would also help. Viewed and interacted with in light of a proper Biblically based doctrine of the Kingdom will lead to a very different posture on many of these issues. It doesn't mean we exchange the Right for the Left... but it definitely means an absolute abandonment of the Right and Conservatism. I don't like the days ahead, but I also don't wish to go back to some kind of whitewashed romanticized 'good old days' either. Today like yesterday there's a mix of a good and bad going on.
While I lament the downfall of manners and social graces...to the point that it's becoming very unpleasant to go to a store or restaurant.... I do not read this in a Sacral manner and associate this with the downfall of Christendom. Rome had manners and social standards. Confucian China always did as well. And both societies lost these standards and collapsed. They did not get them from Sacral Christianity. Manners and social norms are part of what makes a society function and a civilization flourish.
The present collapse in the West is complex but with it comes this present collapse we're seeing in manners and norms. It's much worse in Individualist America. It should be obvious and axiomatic that Individualism is anti-Social, and hence by necessity a degenerate social force...and yet so many in this country believe that Individualism will somehow work in a high population density settings. It has failed and will continue to do so, and the American public will continue to be subjugated to megalomaniacal tyrants and morally reprobate elitists like New York mayor Michael Bloomberg.
America's cultural genetics have long contained this mutation (hyper-individualism) that would ultimately lead to its downfall. The tumor is getting pretty aggressive.
We should be thankful (from a purely pragmatic stance) that some are trying (whatever the manner) to arrest the social collapse. That law is still a factor rather than raw power means the collapse isn't quite imminent though it looms on the horizon.


Lisa Brabant said...

Thank you so much for addressing this.
I've been in the process of shedding my ideas of "individualism" - the ideas that are ingrained in us pretty much from birth in this society.
It's so nice to read your words - to read from a fellow Christian with your perspective. I need that.

This "ObamaCare" is...rather confusing to me. Maybe because so many are afraid of it and are misrepresenting it. I don't know what to think of it except there's nothing I can do about it.
It looks like whatever it is - it's the new way of things and I'd better learn how to deal with it.

You'd mentioned books about history in another post. There's one I read - and wish I'd kept - called "The Ark" about a family in post WW11 Germany trying to put their lives back together after the war. There's nothing they can do about all the restrictions imposed upon them but they learn to live their lives around and despite them. I don't know if they were Christians or not - maybe - but life in a country like that is possible. How much more possible with God as our guide?

I'm tired of the fear-mongers on Christian radio. I want to live with love and compassion for others - including my enemies. But they're constantly getting people to hate their enemies and to fight them with flesh and blood.
Thank you for writing for us your perspectives!!!


Teresa said...

Your blog is really helpful to me. For years I had the idea that what I thought I knew about the Gospel, America and this GOP and Reformer worship was spot on. I had no idea until I started reading history and also about some of the Anabaptists that America was a huge Idol, and so much of what constitues American Evangelicalism is a veneer.

I have long way to go in reading and studying. Your blog is the first place I came after reading ugly comment after ugly comment on facebook regarding Obamacare. This is quickly turning into a mudslinging mess. Thanks for your perspective.

Lew said...

"...the Sacralists will insist that you must stand with them, or be charged with apostasy. They will accuse people like me of being 'Sunday-only' Christians, when it is they who abandon their Christianity throughout the week and embrace not only worldly ethics and tactics to build and defend their Babel, but worldliness in general as their every thought and energy is directed toward the idol they worship." Thought provoking.

Anonymous said...

Agree John,

I have been saddened to see how many church people are spewing hatred towards the president instead of praying for him. I was recently called a disgusting liberal or something like that by a professing believer for pointing this out. If God removes His grace, the christian right and their disciples will one day kill true believers thinking they do God a favor.

Good to see you writing again brother.

-Jim (fb)

Protoprotestant said...

Thanks for the comments and the encouragement.

If I'm provoking thought...then I'm accomplishing what I want.

Shifting the paradigm opens up a whole new world. It's pretty startling isn't it?

Jim... I think you're right. Things are becoming so polarized, that I think if you can even stand to sit within the typical Christo-American 'Church'...it won't be long before you're practically driven out.

I already hear some of the Theonomists and others trying to dry lines in the sand. For example if you have anything to do with medical reforms...you're not a Christian, that sort of thing.

They're not quite saying it...but almost. It's going to become increasingly difficult to sit through church meetings...and, to be there and not get involved in all their 'stuff' if you know what I mean.

It's interesting but they can so lose perspective that they're actually about to make whether or not you get a tax subsidy and/or participate in a medical system....

the mark of orthodoxy, a component of the gospel.

If you're poor and get Medicaid...you're not a Christian.

If you participate in one of the Health Care exchanges...you're not a Christian.

Not quite there yet...but almost.