28 August 2016

The Dynamic Principle in Sociology

This was recently added to the glossary.

The Dynamic Principle in Sociology states: All political and economic models break down due to competing interests and ideas. Academic models are based on stability or at least temporary equilibriums which do not exist in the reality of any given moment. Real world forces and contingencies always exert pressure and never allow any political or economic models to function in the sterile environment of the ivory tower. Sociological fundamentalisms are based on subjective frameworks both in terms of ideology and context and are therefore de facto invalid and unworkable.

From a Christian standpoint we might relate this phenomenon to Babel, the Fall of man and his depravity. Christian Worldview teaching attempts to create redeemed and thus idealised redemptive frameworks that operate outside this tendency. They neither represent a Scriptural hermeneutic, epistemology or eschatological expectation. Transformationalist attempts within a Dominionist framework fall prey to these same forces which demonstrate man's finitude and inability to repair the curse.

To put it simply, all systems fail, all models fall apart. Christian so-called solutions prove to be more of the same and are thus rightly identified as sub-Christian and unbiblical. A permanent state of social fluidity and instability are the expected norm. Amidst these wars and rumours of wars we are to live in a state of antithesis as a pilgrim-sojourner people bearing witness to the Truth.

Because of this Biblical principle, all social expectations are severely tempered if not eliminated and all social endeavors are rendered of little value, potentially dangerous temptations, and exercises in frustration and vain futility. We rightly glorify God in pointing to the transcendent, bearing witness to the Eternal Kingdom and warning of the Eschaton and its implications. It is only in the New Heavens and New Earth that this principle will be eliminated by the same fires which remove all aspects and traces of the curse.