22 April 2011

22 April Note

Regarding Comments:

A few of you have expressed frustration at losing you comments in the vortex of cyberspace. I'm not sure what the problem is. There are no restrictions. Anyone can post and I moderate after the fact...just removing spam etc...

Make sure you select an identity.......anonymous is fine, but please sign your note even if it's with a nickname or something.

Try 'previewing' your note before you submit. Usually if there's a problem it will show up at that point.

Also, I've lost a few as well at other sites. I ALWAYS right click, select all, and copy. Then I click the dead space to remove the highlight and then submit. That way I can right-click paste if it got lost.

Does anyone else have any tips? Those of you that have commented, have you run into anything that others might find helpful. I've had quite a few emails from folks telling me their comments did not post.

I wish we could figure this out.

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