26 April 2011

Establishment Media, The System It Protects, And The Blind Who Follow It

Our supposedly 'liberal' media refuses to report the real issue regarding America's financial situation...the one everyone refuses to ignore.

Why? Why don't they come out and say that America spends more on its Military-Industrial Complex than all the rest of the world combined?

Why do they persist to use to phrases like 'defense spending' when it has virtually little to do with defense? Ask the rest of the world if America's posture could be described as defensive.

Margolis is brave enough to tackle some of these in this piece. And he's just hitting the tip of the iceberg.

Rozeff discusses another pro-government media lie here.

Vance gives another typical example of the media failing to report the actual facts of the case and their utter failure to expose an obviously completely corrupted politician.

Of course even having a real discussion about how money controls our 'democracy' would be to question the system itself. The Corporate Media would be shooting itself in the foot. They want to tell the story, not because
they have some kind of zeal for the truth, but because they want to get the story first....it's about ratings and marketability. Everyone is out to stab everyone in the back, but the system has an interesting way of protecting itself.

Everyone is in on it. It's an open conspiracy. So yes, I believe in conspiracy, but it's not a grand architectonic design devised by secretive Freemasons in Swiss castles with Satanic symbols on the wall.

The conspiracy is simply the system itself. It's the love of money being the root of all evil. It's money.....banking, military industries, corporate interests....buying power. They're all building Babel, but thankfully the curse of Babel also keeps anyone from really ever getting all the cards.

And like it or not, we all participate to some extent. Some simply do with blind abandon.

The Conspiracy is open, because it's right in front of us if anyone would care to look. They're not hiding what they're doing, not really. They scheme against themselves, but the System is unassailable. Everyone is in on it...it's simply the game. No individual can really question it. There have really only been a handful of events in history that seriously challenge it.

The Soviets created their own version and tried to subject their people with fear and terror. It didn't work. It never does. The people distrust their government and many despise it and when everyone finally gets brave enough to compare notes....it's in trouble and quickly collapses.

The Western System is far more clever and effective. Get everyone in on it. They're invested in it. Don't terrorize them. Keep them fat and happy and they'll never question it. In fact they don't even really care. And that handful that do, the ones who write books and talk about these things...let them, it's not a problem. They'll never be able to really do anything. And if they do...if they get people momentarily stirred up, it doesn't matter because their energies can be quickly deflected or co-opted. They're so ignorant and gullible, a crisis or even just a new television or sports event is all that's needed. Scare them and they'll quickly collapse and beg for the system to protect them.

A crisis happens....a new paradigm is developed...say, like the Cold War. So, the power-brokers come up with new ways to exploit it and make money and with their money they purchase power. In the meantime a lot of people die, a lot of people get very passionate about things, and in the end who wins?

The bankers, the corporations, the 'defense' contractors.....it's the same old story and it just keeps happening over and over again. As I said, thankfully due to the curse no one can quite take over the whole board and win the game.

Certain powers in the United States have come pretty close over the last generation....close as in historically unprecedented.

The deceived, those worshipping the Beast, think this means God is blessing us.

And finally, another sad but timely piece from Vance, one of the few Christians writing for a widely read publication that is willing to speak the truth regarding Christians and the military death machine.

A shift may indeed be coming. The United States is bombing itself into oblivion...as in dropping millions per day down the Pentagon black hole. A dynamic is developing. The United States has been wielding almost absolute power for a generation. Their American Babel is probably the mightiest anyone has ever seen. It can't last forever. It can't stay on top forever. Other Babels will arise and are. But again, the people wielding the real power....they'll somehow weather the storm, adjust their strategy and still come out on top. The other Babel's need money and influence too.

Those in power, those who really understand they way it all works, must just laugh when they drive down the streets of small town America and see all the flags hung out on display in front of people's homes and all the pro-military yellow ribbon stickers on people's cars. They must just laugh as they see people all caught up in the political jockeying, all the sad fools that can't afford it who are sending $20 or $100 to some candidate because they mistakenly believe that he will somehow stand up for their interests.

I don't laugh. I usually want to cry when I see the American Church probably more than any other segment of society is completely drawn into this and buys into all the propaganda lines....even the most childish examples. But they're proud of it. Walk through a Church parking lot on a Sunday morning....everyone's cars are covered with pro-military magnets, patriotic bumper stickers and veteran license plates.

How they will weep and wail and gnash their teeth when it all falls apart.
Babylon is fallen indeed. It's happened many times throughout history.

Those that are in power don't want to see it fall apart, they want to keep extracting profits for as long as they can. People in power don't want to lose their influence. The question is...will they put the brakes on, will they stop before it reaches the point of no return? And then out of the chaos a new order will arise and the people running it look suspiciously like the last bunch.


David said...

You know, I think about starting a blog sometimes, but then I realize that you say all the things I would want to say but you say them better than I could.

John A. (Protoprotestant) said...

Well you know if you did write...I would certainly read it. Your comments are always thoughtful and I think we're more or less operating on the same sheet of paper.