21 April 2011

Deceit at work in Christian Media and Politics

Here's a Christian guy that's trying to be reasonable. I don't agree with everything he says, nor do I endorse Ron Paul in any way.

But what's really interesting is that he exposes Gary Bauer the Christian Lobbyist for what he is....deceitful.

Are people starting to get it? I hope so.

This example is just typical of what I see in Christian media on a regular basis. I expect this kind of half-truth deception from lost people and insurance salesmen...but someone that's supposed to be standing up for truth and 'values'?

I like how he flips it on its head and points out that using their same type of argument you could say that Bauer supports giving Arab states four times more aid than Israel.

It's like the Social Conservatives/NPR link from the other day. Someone raises the point that Gingrich and Trump are both well known adulterers. What does Reed say? Oh, the Christian faith is about forgiveness and reconciliation. These men have admitted it was wrong etc....

But what did they say when Bill Clinton did it? Oh, he lacks the moral character to be president. This conduct demonstrates that he's not a leader who can stand up for the values we endorse. He needs to be removed from office. Gingrich led the charge back in 1999...while he was in an adulterous affair himself.

I know the conservative argument... adultery wasn't the issue, it was perjury and obstruction of justice.....right. Very credible.

Just deceitful and wretched. They are a two-faced lot. Do they not see their own sick hypocrisy and duplicity? Don't they see how they dishonour Christ by the way they play fast and loose with the truth?

Do they just not care because the end justifies the means? Are they sociopaths? They think the rules apply to everyone else but not to them?

Or are they just blind to their own evil?

This presents a dilemma for me. You sit in church and you hear this stuff echoed from the pulpit. If you speak up then you're viewed as some kind of political activist for the Left, but if you say nothing, these lies and the manipulation and fear...the heresy are perpetuated.

Center, Left, Right has nothing to do with it. I am outraged that a bunch of so-called Christians are running around deceiving the people of God spreading misinformation, lies, and fear so that they can insure our Great Christian Nation stays the course. Is there something wrong with this kind of thinking?

I love that quote from Jerome the Church Father who was alive when Rome was sacked in 410.

"What is to become of the church now that Rome has fallen?”

Is that not the same confused spirit that dominates the American Church? No matter what, at any cost, we have to protect America or else the Church will...what?


So we have to resort to manipulating people, engaging in misinformation and propaganda to....stand for Christ and the Truth?

If they think that, they're most lost than I think they are.

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