31 May 2013

Politicizing the Gospel part 2/2

To continue with the issue of politicizing the Gospel....

Politicizing the Gospel, Apostasy and Embracing the Kingdom of the Lie

A discussion about wisdom and worldliness, apostasy and witchcraft, the Temple of God, the various ways to speak of the Church, why we are Christians, and how we define victory.

Politicizing the Gospel. What is meant by this? It's a term I frequently use but I don't know that it's clear to everyone what this means.

30 May 2013

Syria and some lessons from the past

Listening to the latest reports about Russia sending in missiles to Syria and the response from the American public prompted me to write this short essay.

There's this country out there and it's brutally trying to suppress a rebel movement within its borders. Everyone knows it's just a puppet for a greater power. This power behind it is supplying it with weapons and other aid while thousands of civilians are being killed. The world is outraged and wants intervention. This must stop.

28 May 2013

Truth, Myth, and the Baptizing of Lies in the American Church

Part 3 (Final)

Even supposed America-hating liberals praise the military. Just tonight Admiral Stockdale came up in a conversation. For those who don't remember he was Ross Perot's running mate in 1992. He was also a Vietnam POW who with John McCain participated in Operating Rolling Thunder. By the time Johnson ended the campaign in November 1968 somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 Vietnamese were dead. Long before its conclusion both McCain and Stockdale were rotting in the Hanoi Hilton.

27 May 2013

Patriotism is Harlotry

Part 2

Written by one who used to be fervent and violent patriot. But Christ delivered me...

Social consensus cannot grant moral legitimacy to military members or their actions. As Christians if we accept this argument then we are guilty of embracing another law-source. Our ethic at that point is derived from another authority, one that sets up a moral code contrary to the Kingdom of God.

The Celebration of War in American Liturgy

This is part one of three. Here's a link to a related post.

Memorial Day 2011

Beginning with Memorial Day and ending with the 4th of July extends a period of time associated with American tradition and patriotism. It's a time of flags, parades, outdoor barbecues, air shows, graduations and vacations. These civil holidays have always been part of American Church life but over the past twenty years or so, particularly since 2001 these days seem to have taken on a whole new meaning.

25 May 2013

Humble Pride- Friday Night Conversations with a Mennonite Evangelist

It was Friday night in small town Pennsylvania and we were out procuring some groceries. I noticed the Mennonites were in town passing out tracts and so instead of wandering the drudgery of the grocery aisle I decided to talk to one of them.

20 May 2013

Sacral Syncretism- Lessons from the High Places

In the Old Testament we find syncretism in the realm of worship is best symbolized by the High Places. Time and time again the kings of Israel and Judah are evaluated by how they eradicated them or failed to do so. Even many of the good kings failed to adequately deal with the High Places.

16 May 2013

Sacralism, The Culture War and Marketing the Gospel

Listening to Christian radio the other day I overheard an author discussion regarding a new work of fiction, a Christian alternative to the 'Twilight' series.