03 May 2011

The Far Left Conspiracy- To Install A Centrist President?

 *updated 15 May 2011

Despite President Obama's evident humiliation in having after two years in office to produce the long form of his birth certificate, there are many on the Right who still refuse to let the issue die, or assume he's still engaged in some kind of subterfuge, or even suggest this was some kind of victory for him. I assure you it was not. A sitting president having his hand forced in this manner has been weakened. To have his very legitimacy questioned and then be forced to produce evidence after 27 months in office? That’s pretty humiliating. You could sense the frustration and bitterness in his demeanour, and then he uncharacteristically lashed out at Trump at the Correspondent’s Dinner a couple of days later. This is a guy on the ropes. He needed some political hit-back. He got it with the killing of Bin Laden…but we’ll see how long it lasts.

The whole argument that his birth certificate is forged is rooted in a belief that Obama is product of the extreme-left. They somehow, despite all evidences, wield so much power that not only were they able to co-opt the American electorate, they selected a foreign born national and even worked within the American intelligence establishment to pull off the greatest forgery in modern times.

Again this assumes Obama represents the interests of the Far Left.

Maybe they should look into what those are the Far Left are saying and how they are evaluating his presidency?

Thus far, he has expanded the war in Afghanistan.

He was contributed in opening up a new front in Libya which now is in danger of developing into a pan-North African conflict.

So, the military-industrial establishment, long the target of the Far Left can hardly complain.

Though utterly outrageous to the Left and the international community, the State Department continues to employ and fund the mercenaries of Blackwater Xe.

With all the talk of budget cuts and dire deficits, Obama's proposed military cuts are inconsequential. This, the key issue regarding America's budget woes is an untouchable issue, an unassailable sacred cow that makes politicians tremble and the Establishment media turn mute.

His appointment of Petraeus to the CIA further diminishes civilian control of the American Intelligence establishment. There are many who are upset of the growing nexus between the military and the Intelligence bureaucracy….that is those who are nervous about it being hijacked as it was during the Bush years.

As I mentioned, he can now claim responsibility for tracking down and killing Bin Laden. Interesting timing. After the utter humiliation of the birth certificate episode, the removal of the most wanted in the world provides a very convenient distraction. Nevertheless, even if the timing was coincidental, the Right can hardly accuse him of being pacifistic or soft in the exercise of American military power.

Abortion? Despite all the rhetoric he's done nothing to aid the Left or hinder the Right on the abortion issue. The Right continues to insist the Health Care Reform funds abortions which it does not. This has been continually debated and refuted, but the Right keeps pushing it. The Abortion trump card is a common tactic employed by the Christian Right in order to shut down the argument and silence any doubters in their circles.

Gun Control? The only reason this is a Christian issue is because most Christians treat the Constitution as Deutero-Canonical. Nevertheless Obama has done nothing to hurt the gun industry or the Right's view of the 2nd Amendment.

Socialized Medicine? Those on the Far Left are hardly happy with Obama's so-called reforms. Rather than remove profit motive and establish either a single payer system like the United Kingdom's NHS, or a hybridized system as found in France or Germany, what did Obama do?

He largely capitulated to the for-profit insurance industry. They're unhappy with having to cover pre-existing conditions, nevertheless those who cannot pay will be eligible for subsidies which in many cases will actually go into the coffers of private companies. Some of the poor will apparently qualify for an expanded Medicaid, but for the most part the insurance industry will actually benefit from this. Those on the Far Left are quick to point out that his Health Care Reform in actuality reforms far too little. He tested the waters and quickly found out that his powers are rather limited. Even the president wielding vast political powers and capital cannot take on the colossus of the insurance industry and the power it wields.

Defense of Marriage Act? Despite all the hot air from the Right wing media, Obama's actions were neither novel nor surprising. Several states have already acted and passed legislation conflicting with DOMA. At this point it has to be worked out in the courts. When Obama lost the 2010 mid-term elections, it made no sense for him to risk political capital defending a federal law which has already practically speaking been overturned, and will likely be overturned when brought to the higher courts. He simply informed Congress to act. The Solicitor General can't defend the law, so like he's supposed to…the president passed the ball to Congress to come up with legislation or pursue a line of litigation. Several presidents have done this in the past. Like it or not there are overlapping issues. The Justice Department has a duty to defend Federal Law, but the Justice Department is part of the Executive Branch…and the Executive Branch plays a role in the legislative process. Thus it is entirely proper for the Executive to make a judgment call and direct the Justice Department to cease enforcing a particular law, and hand the issue back to Congress.

I would also point out that if he really wanted to pursue a 'gay' agenda then he certainly could have acted when the Democrats held both Congressional houses. Nothing was done, again much to the chagrin of the Far Left.

The Guantanamo Prison Camp was supposed to be closed. This has utterly failed and the attempts to avoid the military kangaroo courts has also failed…brought down largely by the Right Wing media and the fear mongering they engaged in. This also has outraged those on the Left.

The Patriot Act was extended, though every Left-wing and many Right-wing groups oppose it as anti-constitutional, and an incremental but significant step toward fascism. Despite what FOX news suggests, Leftist politics do not promote militarized nationalism, authoritarian government, a single collective identity, or view dissent as treason...all hallmarks of Fascism....all promoted under the Bush administration.

And though Obama doesn't project these ideas, he has done absolutely nothing to change the Bush legacy. Hardly what would be expected of a stealth candidate put forward by a Far Left conspiracy.

Obama was humiliated, by a buffoonish Trump no less, and if anything this shows the power of Big Money and what a joke our media is. They should have investigated this thoroughly and debunked it two years ago. They thought it was a done deal, but the Far Right pulled out their oft used Hitlerian tactic…..just keep telling the lie over and over again and eventually it will be believed. Just like the Death Panel farce. Even if you disagreed with the Obama Health Care reform… there is no excuse for employing fraudulent arguments in order to win and/or scare the public into supporting you.

With Trump's showboating it reached almost a crisis point because even more respectable media outlets could no longer ignore what was happening.

This was a shameful episode for him as president and it makes America something of a laughing stock around the world. I don't care, but those who profess to love her so much don't seem to either.

So the Far Left pulled off one of the greatest hoaxes, a master conspiracy and forgery to….elect a Centrist President?.... a president who was elected on an anti-establishment platform…but by the time he took office had thoroughly capitulated and now sits solidly in the Center and in conformity with the Establishment status quo.

He was going to take on the banks and their criminal acts that almost bankrupted the country….but by the end of the election he was taking making contributions by Goldman-Sachs and all the rest. Those on the left already had misgivings by January 2009. They were starting to wonder if they had been duped. And indeed so far, they have been. If Obama is going to push through any hard left legislation or initiatives that will come either at the beginning of the second term if he wins a huge victory which seems unlikely….or in the last two years of his second term, after the midterm elections when he no longer has anything to lose.

Government takeover of the banks? Are you kidding? It's mutual interest. The banks back the politicians, the military machine, they wield immense almost immeasurable power. They can't collapse. They're in a symbiotic relationship with the power structures of the country….they are in many ways 'the' power structure of the country. Of course the government was going to bail them out/subsidize them. They're the ones that can make or break candidates, shape legislation even influence foreign policy.

The complexities of the modern financial system demand technocratic administration…and it is only from this same pool that the government regulation and cabinet positions can be filled. It's not government vs. the banks… that is to misunderstand the nature of the upper echelons of the System. There is an elite that floats back forth between the industry and the government. You can’t pluck a person off the street to administer the banking system.

I'm reminded of a scene from a great movie…The Remains of the Day. In it a rather aristocratic fellow is engaged with others in a discussion and he argues that the common people are incapable of understanding the way the world works. He appeals to the butler and asks his opinion about several political and economic issues. The butler keeps replying that he cannot be of any assistance with those matters. Of course he's being first and foremost…a butler. It wasn't his place to comment, nevertheless he probably would not have been able to answer the questions in an intelligent or credible manner. The aristocrat puffed victoriously on his cigar, his point made.

He was right. It's too complicated, but that's why despite all its failings democracy helps to keep these folks in line. Unfortunately the pool of candidates which we choose from…is often just more of the same. They’re all more or less on the same page. I'm with Churchill…democracy is a terrible form of government, but all the other alternatives are worse. As the years go by, I'm convinced it doesn't work. Let's face it, most people are not even remotely qualified to vote. Nevertheless, it keeps the people at the top scrambling a bit. Between that and they way they stab themselves in the back….things more or less work out. But increasingly the entire electoral process has been hijacked, not by conspiratorial ballot tampering. No, it’s all in the open….it’s money. That’s what drive the whole thing, and if you don’t have any….you’re silenced. The Supreme Court in their recent Citizens United ruling effectively ended what was left of the democracy. Corporations now have free reign. They don’t even have to hide it anymore.

As far as General Motors….it's complicated and I don't profess to understand all the angles. But because we have privatized pensions and the way our stock market works (you know, Las Vegas in Manhattan) there was no way they were going to let a corporation of that magnitude collapse. There were fears of a chain reaction. There were fears of perception and fear that could lead to market collapse. Even many a diehard Free Market advocate was being forced to pause.

There are overlapping considerations. You can say you believe in the Free Market, but do you let the Market destroy your country in order to remain doctrinally pure? Bush didn't think so, nor do any of the powers that be in New York and Washington. Far from wanting to destroy America…they're rather fond of it, especially when it benefits them. They would rather see American flourish as it did in the 1990's when wealth and wealth disparity exploded…only surpassed maybe by the 1980's? Of course debt, deficits, homelessness, credit, and a lot of other things expanded as well.

And finally with regard to General Motors there are security concerns as well. During World War II, many factories were converted to aid and assist the war effort. With the advent of the Nuclear Age, and the growth of technology it was no longer possible to have that kind of military machine…one based on dual use industry and reserves. There was a need for a standing high-tech army that would have to develop its own industries, structures, and mechanisms. Eisenhower helped build this and then in a moment of reflection warned everyone about it…the Complex he helped construct. Despite the fact that the dynamics of modern warfare have changed, there are many who believe there are security considerations…not just economic, but even from the standpoint of keeping some large-scale industry alive.

I'll play conspiracy too for a moment. Many people believe Kennedy was removed by this very Establishment. He had tried to shatter the power structures of the American Intelligence community, and seemed to be aware of the dangers of escalating the Cold War. Thankfully Providence put him at the helm during the Missile Crisis and silenced the Joint Chiefs and other military leaders who during that turbulent era wanted to use Nuclear Weapons in Korea against the Chinese, in Cuba, and in Vietnam. He angered them with regard to his handling of the Bay of Pigs invasion. He did not want to provoke the Soviet Union and Kennedy was not going to pursue another land war in Asia, rightly fearing and heeding the lessons of Korea.

Obama has been compared in some ways to Kennedy. Hardly. Rather than challenge the Machine, he's fallen right in line with it. His recent Panetta appointment to Secretary of Defense and Petraeus appointment to Langley only confirms this.

This whole Birther issue has proved disastrous for him, shown him to be weak, and increasingly alienated from both the Right and Left. He might hope Trump or Palin runs against him. That would energize the Left again, not to vote FOR him, rather to oppose the alternative. It’s evident though he’s getting a bit bitter. As I mentioned, he laid into Trump pretty hard at the recent Correspondent’s dinner, mocking Trump’s tacky and sleazy casino style….

It was unusual for Obama, who usually seems pretty steady and even-keeled.

Obama was probably disappointed to see Trump’s latest profanity laced tirade that demonstrates he’s more of a joke than most realized…except of course to Franklin Graham and other ‘christian’ leaders.

Those that continue to push this Birther issue have already committed themselves to an ideological position and no matter what he or anyone does, they won't change their mind. And I will say it….I do think a good portion of this is motivated by the "He's not one of us," narrative…often a euphemistic expression of racism. Whenever it’s brought up, people scoff and laugh. But coming from the hard right, converting to Christ and re-examining how I viewed the world and the attitudes I harboured in my heart…not only did I have to grapple with the soft-racism I held to, but now I see it everywhere…family, friends, the conversations at the post office. I don’t doubt that most are not aware of it, they simply haven’t examined their own hearts. But the Conservative vision is about protecting a particular version of White Society, the veneer of Christendom and all that goes with it. Those who don’t fit the bill either are enemies or they need to relegate themselves to underling status. That’s not pleasant to say, but that’s how I think, no, I know, many Conservatives think. It’s how I was raised and how I thought for a long time.

This has only been amplified by the radical polarization in conservative circles. Increasingly the Conservative platform is viewed as coherent system and any digression immediately labels you a pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, earth worshipper...which is patently untrue.

In addition the loose usage of terms like Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, as well as Left and Right have only added to the breakdown in both communication and certainly in this case....understanding.


Mark Nieweg said...

Hi John,

May I suggest you put your blog posts in book form? Here is a Title that comes to mind:

"From Christianized Pagans to Paganized Christians. A history of Christian Dupes and their Duplicity."

I know; not very charitable. But a prophetic voice rarely comes off so.

Been truly learning discernment here brother! And thanking the Lord for your gifts.


John A. (Protoprotestant) said...

I like the title. Thanks for the encouraging words.

Cal said...

This post has all sorts of memories swirling around in my mind! Everything from assessments of Obama, media complex and soft racism.

My mom still tells me that Obama is the anti-christ (as in the Lahaye version). I always laugh and tell her he is a political hack, but it is really bizarre to think that many people believe something of this line (he's a hitlerian marxist muslim who seeks to bring atheistic sharia law so we come part of the Secretariat leading in underground Moscow and part of the Caliphate leading in Mecca).

When I was stuck in my obsessive purity of the American republic (and its history was perfect and unspoiled), I would pride myself in being able to recite all 43 presidents and end the list with: Bush, Clinton, Bush...McCain. It was a chant against the spirits of the Left. Oh how superstitious I was! I would think, if this Obama is elected to office we have another Jimmy Carter that will sell out our country. I must say that he is not a Carter 2.0, despite his misgivings, Carter atleast tried to have principle in sitting in the throne of the Beast. Obama sold out instantly, he was a Clinton 2.0, a Bush 2.0, a Regan 2.0(!).

I suppose I could accept Carter as a president because it was the past and I couldn't do anything about it. But this Obama, I was alive now and I wouldn't stand for it! I don't think there is really any direct racism in the minds of most Americans but it is a subtler and crueler form. It is cultural superiority. This is seen in both the Left and the Right (Biden's remark that he's the first clean shaven, articulate black man to run should have set off alarms but the Left is just as stupid and blind to the racism for politics and power). I grew up in a very liberal place with many different cultures and peoples. I could never stomach out and out racism, and thought it offensive, but my equally offensive claim that you better get on board with America because the nation is the divine ideal of government, a Republic, and that its last embodiment was in Rome, would probably scare most folks if they got the full-dose of it (which they never did because I'm averse from any sort of conflict and only am starting to get through it). I applauded Cromwell (sort of swept Drogheda under the rug...) for his republican stance. I even found the Bible offensive because it spoke of a "Kingdom" of Heaven. Clearly this book was mistaken, it was a republic of Heaven.

Two references this sort of brings up:

First, if you ever watch the Colbert report (I only did when my roommate would leave comedy central on all day), he reviews the statement made by O'Reilly and Bernie Goldberg. O'Reilly derides a congressman for making a somewhat exasperated appeal to Jesus for supporting welfare programs for the poor that Republicans were block voting against. O'Reilly scoffs and gives the Franklin proverb "The Lord (what Lord, maybe Baal, Molech or Mammon?) helps those who help themselves", Goldberg is atleast honest. He says, look, Jesus is the opposite of we conservatives want. Stop your peddling, get on board with Capitalism! Jesus is just some hippy liberal who has problems with wealth. Colbert rightly lampoons this. You can find the video by just searching "Jesus is a liberal democrat colbert" in google (as I don't know if you're kind to linking videos on comments).

Second, there is a game coming out that is a sequel to another game called "Bioshock". In this game, this alternate future, a couple of jingoistic Americans with the redaction of history create a city in the sky that embodies all of America's values. The story is irrelevent but one of the posters you see hanging up is this: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100916203446/bioshock/images/thumb/b/b6/WASHINGTON_FINAL.jpg/700px-WASHINGTON_FINAL.jpg . Not so far from what many would like without all the veneer of 21st century social tolerance.

Anonymous said...

Your 4th paragraph about Biden and Cromwell was great. So true. I remember I used to be pretty passionate as well....fanatical really. It clouded all my thoughts. I literally worshipped the USA.

Yeah I've watched Colbert. I have to admit my feelings are mixed. There are times he's both clever and hilarious. Sadly there are also times he's an utter blasphemer...but is he attacking genuine Christianity or the false christianity of the Christian Right? It still makes me uncomfortable.

The Christian Right largely ignores the words of Jesus, applies them when convenient, and explains them away when they're not.

I don't want Left-wing Constantinianism either, but good night if, and that's a big if...I was a Constantinian, I sure don't see how they get the American Right Wing version which looks more like Fascism than anything found on the pages of the NT.

I'll have to check out the Bioshock link. I haven't heard of that.

Thanks for the comments. That was great.


Cal said...

If you haven't already, I'd strong recommend watching the Colbert clip. It's actually sort of strange re-watching it. The viewing audience doesn't seem to see this but at first Colbert starts off with his standard satire routine, and then ends it on the same note. But, in the middle where the meat is, you can begin to hear a faint ring of incredulity and stern rebuke for such absolute foolishness as the right wing approach to manipulating Jesus.

Now one never knows the heart of someone and it is truly hard to tell from the lips of a professional satirist, but I'd almost believe that Colbert has a new heart beating for Christ. It's really quite weird.

Anonymous said...

I watched it. I remember it now. I think I saw it when it first aired.

Argh......bear with me a second....

1. Colbert is a blasphemer.
2. I think it's judgment on the church that people like Colbert even while half-mocking Christianity are still 'getting' more of the message than the average conservative.
3. What he and people like Wallis are advocating is....another form of Constantinianism, just a left-wing version.

Or in the case of Colbert a theological left-wing version.

I don't want the state to fulfill the role of the Church...but I don't want the state to take up the mantle of Christianity at all.

I would argue for the state helping the poor...not because of spiritual Kingdom truths which you have to be born again to understand...but because it's pragmatic and just to do so...natural law.

The Christian Right argues against this...but then wickedly roots their argument in a twisted Dominionist theology that somehow teaches a Constantinian Warfare Empire....with free market capitalism as the economic model.

It's like Barry Goldwater (a secular Jew) wrote the missing book of the New Testament or something.

Colbert obviously exposes O'Reilly's evil and the sham of his Christian profession...but I have a hard time stomaching his presentation. I don't like the sacrilege.

It's the same with Garrison Keilor and the Prairie Home Companion show. He's mocking false Christianity...even though he thinks it's real. It's kind of like it's funny....but it's not.

Or the Church Lady from Saturday Night Live back in the late 80's I think it was???? I can't remember now. I think it was when Bush I was president because I remember Dana Carvey doing his hilarious imitations of him. Anyway, the Church Lady was mocking Christianity....but it wasn't Christianity...you know what I mean. Nevertheless when I became I Christian a few years later, I couldn't stand watching it anymore.

One thing I'll say about Colbert...he and his writers are clever. There's some really masterful satire there. Have you ever seen his speech at the Correspondent's Dinner? It was one of the gutsiest things I've ever seen. He's sitting a few feet from Bush and some of the top officials in the country just blasting them...but it's done so cleverly half of them (especially Bush) don't get it.


Anonymous said...

This is really irritating....I can't comment on my own website under my username. I have to be anonymous. I wish Google would fix this.

Cal said...

See I'd normally think that Colbert is just onto his regular satire but when he refers to O'reilly as being "willfully ignorant and borderline heretical", I had to take a step back and take in the fact a media personality, on a channel that showers in irreverence of any kind, from the lips of a clever satirist, to an audience who is widely secular would use the word 'heresy' in any sort of serious manner.

There's little blip that comes through his critique of O'reilly that disappears when he moves onto Bernie Goldberg that he is actually upset with the wild ignorance of someone like O'Reilly that he can sit there and be able to dictate what the "real christianity" is because he wears the name oh so nominally. Of course the Democratic politician was arguing for a leftist model, or atleast trying to call attention to it,Colbert doesn't affirm it but just layers on scorn for O'reilly's foolishness.

Again, it's hard to tell if one's heart is born anew, especially from a professional comedian, but it was weird hearing a serious use of the word heresy from a primetime comedy routine on comedy central.

Cal said...

Also, I've come to learn that laughter is the best disarm of those trying to hoist Christ onto their team's side, something He will defy every time. What will the raving Dominionist do when the world laughs at him like a clown. Perhaps it will lighten the danger such thinking can do to The Church and even to the world at large, but I think it startles people when they try and insult me by mocking some false Christ (usually the typical right-wing evangelical republican "jesus") and then I laugh and tell them I agree. Now suddenly, they'd like to hear about the Man from Nazareth from someone who isn't the silly political mob but is genuinely reborn.

I'll have to look into the correspondence dinner, sounds like a riot.

Anonymous said...

Yeah your point about his O'Reilly comment is interesting. With ol' Colbert....he's silly but sometimes even while being silly he delves deep and I have to believe 99% of his audience misses some of what he's saying.

In your 2nd comment....the part where you say "I agree." is very true.

When people know that I'm a pretty serous guy about these things and then find out...oh, I'm not some right-wing simpleton...suddenly they're interested, sometimes really interested. I've had some good conversations as a result. This one guy knew me years ago and we had really talked much since about 2002. A few months ago we were working together and he was quite surprised that I wasn't all gung ho about Bush and rabidly drooling and gnashing my teeth about Obama.

He remembered that I didn't like Falwell and Dobson and those people, but I don't think he understood why. We had some great conversation...which led to gospel discussions.

We've been down the road before in years past, but I could sure see the gears turning. No conversion....yet. Who knows? No one who knew me when I was young would have guessed that I would end up a Christian. God likes to save people like that....thankfully.

Thanks for the comments. Yeah, let me know what you think about the dinner...It left me gasping. It took guts.


Cal said...

I watched the correspondence dinner, it was excellent. Lots of very clever satire, lots of 'truthiness' exposed. And a good couple jabs at fox news.

I, figuratively, jumped up in agreement when you wrote "No one who knew me when I was young would have guessed that I would end up a Christian. God likes to save people like that....thankfully.". Wow is this so true for me! No one would have ever struck me more than a sunday bench warmer, at best! I was all about America, all about playing the role of the tough, rugged, individualist American who didn't take crap from any one and always paid a favor back out of a sense of duty.

It even happened as I was starting to warm up to meeting with others at a congregation and I received a text from a coworker saying something along the lines of "I know this is the lord's day, but do you think you could come out and help me by covering my shift?". I was a little shocked by the fact she thought I was like most of the abomination called church in America, self serving, doing my religious obligation (Not knowing it by name). I told her I had no problem going in, knowing in a sense it was better to do this before I even realized Paul said let no man bind your conscience in regards to SABBATHS (even the fake Sunday one).

Again it was weird because I actually wanted to walk by faith instead of my play acting as the moralist. Like Rome of old, we Americans love our moralist facade, and then move onto better things behind closed doors. This was the way I did it, seemingly keeping some "family values" attitude during the day in public, when at night I was embroiled in all sorts of sexual sins.

Part of the road is to distinguish really what the Gospel says and what Religion says (yes I'm one of those people). People are weirded out a little when you show that you bend the knee to the Lord Jesus, yet you show absolutely NO regard for rocks, buildings, statues, vestments, let alone see any worth in them now in the Peace of the King.

I could go on and on and on! But, I think I've made my point. I was American who wore a little label that I thought belonged to being America. Only by the Love of God could someone so mired and lost ever have their eyes opened.

Protoprotestant said...

Of course today I heard on Christian radio and from a Right-wing person I know....

Obama is cutting the military! Big cuts....

it was implied that he's somehow weakening America.

Yet, the reality is the cuts he's proposing will only take the military back to pre-Surge levels.

The military has grown by at least 70% since 2001....and that's probably not accurately reflect the scale and scope of the growth.

Even if the 'triggers' kicked in...due to a lack of resolution to the budget deal...the whole process of sequestration...that would still only take the US back to 1998 levels.

Obama is shaving off a small portion of the bloated behemoth of the United States military budget.

Defense!.....has nothing to do with it.

In fact the 'liberal' Obama...after expanding the Afghan War is now moving the US to have a bigger footprint in Asia...troops in Australia etc...

They're going to move portions of the military budget to Air Force...lots of new drones....and Navy...to start playing Cold War style tag with the Chinese.

He's hardly disabling US forces...nor are they abandoning the 2-front doctrine that the US has held since WW2. The reality is...the infantry is just becoming less and less a main component of modern warfare.

Obama and Panetta's Pentagon are pretty adamant...no more nation building. It's been a pretty miserable failure. Militarily, the US demolished Iraq and the Taliban in weeks. The problem is with an occupation you get stuck fighting a long protracted insurgency. I guess that's Obama's shift....he doesn't want to do that anymore. Hardly labels him some kind of anti-military anti-imperial liberal.

Believe me...the liberals are fuming. He's completely sold out if not betrayed them on most issues regarding the military and the empire. Guantanamo is still on cruise control.

The only difference....Don't ask don't tell was repealed. Like I said elsewhere when I was in...there were at least 4 homosexuals just in my unit of 40-something people. Everyone knew it...they didn't flaunt it....no one really cared. I guess now they can flaunt it. To me I don't really care who murders brown children....straight or homosexual...a stormtrooper is a stormtrooper.

Cal said...

Yeah I heard about that, spending, according to Obama, is still larger than the next 10 military budgets combined. Wow!

You have the whole "Obama is an anti-military marxist out to destroy the country" spiel. If that's true, I wondered, why do we still have troops in Germany? You'd think that would be the first thing to be axed if the president was anti-military.

I'm curious to see how the 21st century will end up for America and the world. I got a feeling that storm clouds are a comin'.

Protoprotestant said...

As the 2nd term begins there have been some shifts....

Certainly homosexual rights and gun control.

These things might label Obama as 'leftist' but two points could be made....

1. If the opposition hadn't been so bent on obstruction he would have been more like to 'triangulate' in the way Clinton did. That being the case he would tread a little more carefully on these issues.

Since the GOP is determined to block him on every issue, he can only turn to points that are experiencing...

2. Demographic and Sociological upsurge.

Bottom line, he's only reflecting what a large part of the population seems to support.

Equal rights for homosexuals and increasingly some forms of gun control.

And yet on the latter issue he's now playing into the conspiracy narrative. And yet if he did nothing, he would also face considerable ire.

While I woulnd't agree with Obama on much at all, I do think the vast majority of the Christian populace has also wrongly assessed and evaluated these two points. I've written about homosexuality....

Gun control, I may wade into those waters at some point. It's not a priority.