15 June 2010

Post #1...Introductory Concepts

All historians acknowledge there were dissident groups that existed for centuries prior to the Reformation. They are often referred to as Proto-Protestants. They were by no means monolithic in their identity or theology, but there are certain characteristics many of them shared. I want to explore some of the core issues they wrestled with and hope the reader will see their import regarding contemporary discussion. The Reformation's many triumphs over the Papal Antichrist were indeed a mighty work of God, but….with it something was lost. Wonderful things were accomplished, but many lessons were not learned, many evil doors were opened, and history is repeating itself. As one who formerly romanticized Protestant history and oft engaged in something akin to hero worship, I hope to share some of what I've learned. The result is cause for great hope but with it comes much sorrow especially as one views the Church of Jesus Christ in the present context. Hence this weblog.
We hope to interact with History, both church and secular…for they are often inseparable. We need to look at Historiography and understand what it is….and how un-Christian most Christian versions of history are. Also there are powerful philosophical and theological movements and arguments at work in the church. They need to be looked at and often engaged. Pardon the expression, but the very soul of the church is at stake.
And finally, there must of necessity be interaction with the present day. We the church, are always in a cultural context and there are a myriad of cultural commentators and interpreters surrounding us on Christian radio, in books, and of course the internet. We all have assumptions and presuppositions we brings with us as we seek to interpret the world around us. This blog will assert the vast majority of the assumptions present in the contemporary church are flat wrong and thus the commentators are often quite harmful.
The scope of these discussions falls within the confines of Biblical Orthodoxy. The Roman Catholic Entity is not a church. While there may be individual believers still within the walls of denominational groups like the United Methodists and the PCUSA….they need to repent and leave those bodies. They are apostate. We are committed to Historic Christianity….broadly speaking of course. In many ways the writings here are an attack and indictment of the historic so-called church.
These discussions are about the church……..they must not be confused with the culture or government of the United States or any other western nation. This way of thinking…this Constantinianism is at the very core of the problem. To peel back another layer….there is a fundamental misunderstanding of who God is…the nature of His Kingdom established by Christ…..what is the Bible….and why we are here.
May God give us wisdom.
For various reasons, I'm simply going by the moniker of Proto-protestant. I wish to protect my name and my family. I have my reasons. There are those who would be critical of using a pseudonym. I appreciate their concerns, but disagree and stand on the shoulders of a longstanding accepted and Biblically permissible tradition.

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