11 March 2011

Not interested in truth

Today someone told me that a family friend who had a difficult delivery and a premature baby was being sent home from the hospital early...why?

Because of Obamacare.

For those unfamiliar with conservative-speak, that's the Obama health care reform legislation.

This is exactly the kind of stuff I'm talking about. The person who told me this is a FOX news fan and very hardline political conservative. This person also professes to be a Christian.

Now the issue to me is not whether or not I'm conservative or liberal, whether I like Obama or not, nor what my position is on the whole health care debate.

The issue is....is it true?

Absolutely not. There is nothing in the Obama legislation that would send an ailing mother with a premature baby home from the hospital early.

In fact the vast majority of the provisions haven't even taken effect yet. The ones that have, (much to the chagrin of some Christian family members) have actually helped. Their 24 year old child was able to make use of their coverage when injured in a recent accident. Before Obama, their daughter would have been stuck paying the retail price for the hospital bill.

Why is this happening? This person doesn't seem to realize this is nothing new. It happens all the time. Any analyst, in fact anyone in that hospital will tell you why it is happening....the insurance companies. They care far more about their profits than they do the patient. You could also talk about what the hospitals are charging which in turn affects how much the insurance companies have to pay.

But no one in conservative circles wants to talk about that. Instead, it's Obama's fault.

Are FOX and other conservative news and talk outlets providing facts? No. They're not news outlets. They're partisans, propagandists.

Does this happen on the left as well? Some, but nothing like what's happening right now on the right. They have news organizations that tell them what they want to hear.

And this person votes!

I heard something similar this morning on Christian radio while I was in the car. The current high gas prices? Oh, that's Obama as well. If we just opened up more domestic and offshore drilling, then our problems would be solved.

Again analysts have said that might help drop the price of gas a few cents...temporarily but does nothing to help the long term issues.

And to suggest the current spike in prices is connected to a lack of drilling?....that's a boggling simplistic view of how the world works.

The Church is being judged. It's being exposed for what it is, a false church, embracing delusion, hating the truth...not even interested in it.

This isn't just about American provincialism, or the dumbing down of our culture. This is moral. This is a willful rejection of truth. I am convinced most Christian Conservatives are not interested. They want they want and don't care about reality.

I'm not scared of Obama. He's just some lost guy trying to do the best he can. This person who made this statement to me this morning...who votes, who is wealthy and gives to political causes and professes to be a Christian.....scares me.


Anonymous said...

"I'm not scared of Obama. He's just some lost guy trying to do the best he can. This person who made this statement to me this morning...who votes, who is wealthy and gives to political causes and professes to be a Christian.....scares me."

Wow brother! That is EXACTLY how I feel. I just read the a facebook update from one of the pastors wives of the aog church I used to attend. It was titled out of the mouth of babes or something like that. She said my little girl just came up to me and said mommy, someone should tell president obama to be a christian. These are the same people that would have crowned goerge bush their honorary protestant pope if they could have because he is such a great christian and they are so dedicated to his cause. Obama confesses Christ just as bush does, in fact quite convincingly in a recent testimony that he penned. Yet these people will blindly accept bushes testimony, even if the fruit seems to contradict it, yet outright reject obama. (levae out the fact that I doubt both confessions for now).

Right wing evangelicals scare me alot. If they will kill arabs, some of whom may be true believers, in the name of american jesus, what is to think that they wont kill me in the name of american jesus one day, all the while thinking they do God a favor.

In Christ - Jim

Protoprotestant said...

It's sad but when I listen to the Christian Right I feel like going to bat for him. They're dishonest.

Honorary protestant pope....they basically did. He pretty much had a blank check for most of his presidency. If a Democrat had attempted to something like the Patriot Act, a war that later turned out to be built on lies, etc.... they would have tried to impeach him. But Bush, they still defend him and will be 30 years from now.

Obama's articulations of the faith don't fool me either, but they're far more impressive than anything I ever heard from either of the Bush's, Reagan, Nixon, McCain, Palin or the rest.

I really think if those people ever got control and there were Bible professing Christians who opposed them, they'd come down hard.

In Reformed circles right now there's a growing hostility to any kind of Two Kingdom notion. I don't think it will be long before if you hold to something like that, they will put you out of the church. There are many who already would do that if their bureaucracies permitted them to do so.

Interesting times.