20 April 2011

Social Conservatives and 2012

For those who are interested. This segment was on NPR's Talk of the Nation today. It's interesting because their guest is Ralph Reed formerly of the Christian Coalition.

They talk about Donald Trump and how Reed views him as a viable candidate even though every other political commentator including top conservatives like Karl Rove consider him dead in the water. Trump has made a big issue out of his doubts that Obama is an American citizen, but Reed doesn't seem to think that discredits him. I suppose when I turn on Christian radio and I'm still hearing that Obama is a crypto-muslim, I shouldn't be surprised.

A lot of Christian Conservatives are still pulling for Huckabee as one caller makes clear. Nothing profound here, just interesting...perhaps not for the reasons others mind find it interesting. I tend to listen to these things with a different ear. I'm not agreeing with Reed et al. nor am I  a partisan for the other side. I just like to observe and am absolutely fascinated with how 'christians' think and communicate.


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