04 August 2011

A note on the glossary entries

The previous four posts are simply definitions that are being linked in the glossary. It's not my intention to invent wild sounding and super technical sounding terminologies. We're talking about complex and nuanced concepts that are hard to explain in a few paragraphs and even harder to reduce to one term. Many of these overlap and are variations of some of the same recurring theological themes. Not everyone will be interested in these concepts, and that's fine. But some will be, and as I said, they regularly recur in these writings. This way...for my sake, I can refer someone in a comment to the glossary or even allude to it in a quick post.

For years my close friends and I have employed these concepts in our discussions...usually by referring to this or that 'thing,' but that's not very helpful to people reading these posts. If I said, 'you know...how Catholics do that thing with the visible church...'

It would mean something to a few people, but most readers would have no idea. These somewhat painful glossary entries are an attempt to at least categorize some of these concepts. I worked on these last night and realized they’re too long to place in the glossary itself, so I’m putting them up as posts and linking them from the glossary.

So if you're interested, by all means. If not, then just ignore them. They're just part of the resource/reference sections for the blog.

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