06 September 2012

Dishonorable Disclosures

A few comments regarding the ‘Dishonorable Disclosures’ film….

This is an elaborated comment from a recent thread. It is in reference to the film which can be found at this link:

Just past the 1 minute mark....it became obvious it was just propaganda.

Leaking obviously goes way back. The Intelligence community has a long tradition of manipulating the media with strategic leaks and planted stories.

Politicians have also used them. Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon all used leaks regularly....but of course Nixon became especially outraged when too much was leaked. He had no problem with leaks per se, he just wanted to control them.

Of course we all know about Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame and the Bush White House. In that case, people very likely died.

I guess what I'm struck by is the inability of the military to realize...they're total dupes. They are used and abused by those who wield political power.

Nixon almost certainly delayed the Vietnam peace deal which was ready to go in 1972. He was worried about the election. Gripped by paranoia he couldn't accept the fact that he was going to trounce McGovern. He frustrated Kissinger who had the deal ready and obviously pushed the CRP (CREEP) to go so far as to feel the need to burglarize the Democratic offices in the Watergate complex.

How many people died during the latter part of 1972 to serve Nixon's political agenda?

It's all just sick. Lots of duped and evil people on all sides. That's the nature of power. Once you an embrace an ethic that accepts the end justifies the means…there are no limits.

Soldiers can massacre people and believe it necessary and politicians can lie and consequently kill their own people and others if their political solvency is ‘good for the nation’.

Did Obama's White House leak the Stuxnet info? It’s possible. The video seems positive of this, but that’s not proved by any means…at least as of right now.

I've been following it pretty closely, since the New York Times broke the story etc….

The White House might have leaked it....or the reporters were breaking it anyway, so it might have been prudent to jump in and control the flow of information. Sometimes getting involved can be a mechanism of control and shut down some of the speculation and/or investigation.

Or they might have leaked it for political gain. Any of these things are a possibility.

But that video is about as trustworthy as a brat kid left alone in the kitchen with a plate of cookies.

It's manipulation. They hate Obama and the forces against him have amassed so much money they've been able to sit around and dream up tools to employ against him. This video tugs at the emotions of all the people who have passed through the military cult. And it is just that…a cult that works diligently to brainwash its members. And for many of them, it works.

Bush exploited them, Reagan exploited them, Nixon and Johnson certainly did....but those men (except Johnson) are all heroes to this crew.

Not to defend Obama who is also a liar and a murderer...but these ops-level people seem to miss the gamble his administration took in going after Bin Laden...not just in Pakistan, but in Abbottabad Pakistan...and the way it was done.

They don't understand it and that was very evident in the fallout commentary. I heard numerous people attacking Pakistan and being very critical of Islamabad's response. They fail to grasp the absolutely impossible situation the United States has imposed on Pakistan. It is ripping their country apart, destabilizing the region....and the blowback and consequences of American policy in that region have not yet come to fruition.

Pakistan has received some attention in the media, but the public is largely unaware of what’s happening there with their political situation and how American policy has affected that country going back (at least) to the 1970’s.

That’s the nature of Blowback. The public is ignorant and when one of these groups or nations lash out….the ignorant American public doesn’t see it coming, has no context in which to place it and sees no connections. Then they fall another propagandistic tool which suggests the answer is…they’re simply evil. They hate freedom etc…

And the American Foreign Policy Beast marches on in response.

If you want to watch a video that’s truly worthwhile, I recommend: Why We Fight.
This is not the absurd, dishonest, juvenile and often comical Capra film of the WWII era. This was made in 2005. It features a good deal of commentary from Chalmers Johnson, an author I highly recommend.

The actions of the US with regard to Pakistan and the posture toward India play into every wild conspiracy theory and propagandistic impulse used by the extremists. Pakistan is a potential (if not current) powder keg tied in with the chess game going on in Central Asia. A crisis in Pakistan could cause a chain reaction bringing India, China, Russia, Iran, Israel and the United States into a very dangerous situation.

All games. The people making this video...the CIA officers probably know this....the soldiers are just dupes and always have been. That doesn't excuse their wicked deeds.

Remember in the end, the video was produced to make money to move the viewer to contribute. And it’s all the more ironic that at the same time the number one bestseller is a book by a Navy SEAL engaged in the same kind of disclosures and becoming fabulous rich as a result.

It’s also ironic that from the standpoint of someone like me the biggest threat to American security is….the military industrial complex. The commentators in this video represent this titanic force in our society. It is actually their willingness or perhaps willful blindness that most endangers the nature of American life. And I would extend that far beyond the threats of terrorism. It plays out in the realm of pop culture, economics and other realms as well. Rather than ‘defend our freedom’ it is the ignorance of this cadre that places our freedom at risk.



Jim C. said...

Hey John,


This is another video (approximately the same length) that's worth watching in which the Dutch Minister of Defense attempts to defend the present use of NATO forces on a more intellectual basis. Again, when you have the time to view it I recommend it and there's no rush...and I don't mean to to be constantly changing the subject but when I saw it I immediately thought to bring it to your attention.

Concerning Dishonorable Disclosures:

If their denial of any political motive in creating this presentation has any merit, then it must be a huge coincidence that they're releasing it during the presidential election season, just before the Democratic National Convention.

Jim C.

Cal said...

The most interesting thing is that once the blinders dropped from my eyes, the cult of Americana is so prevalent in these conservative prop videos.

Because my son defended America, her people and her liberties, and died fighting the enemy, he is "redeployed" in heaven.

This is not the Gospel of Peter or Paul but sounds something that I would expect from Cicero. Indeed, it was something I once believed and yet sheepishly claimed "christian".

The blindness is truly staggering!

Jim C. said...

Hey John,

Concerning your last paragraph I just want to make sure I understand you correctly.

Are you saying that the military-industrial complex endangers the nature of American life, which encompasses our economy and pop culture or is it that our pop culture and economy threaten our freedoms along with the military-industrial complex?

If the latter is true, I'm curious as to how you think pop culture threatens our ostensibly free society.

Jim C.

Protoprotestant said...

I was just suggesting that the MI Complex also has a big influence on our economics and pop culture.

I'm thinking in terms of violence, movies, music etc....

How many movies portray the American Hero as a soldier? Or that the Military establishment is good and honourable and if there are bad things....its some kind of rogue element.

Or I was thinking of all the pop music...especially in the country realm which have been affected by the post 11 September mindset.

Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, what happened to the Dixie Chicks etc....

The Dixie Chicks is actually a good example because they were destroyed by ClearChannel and the big businesses that run the mega-Radio complex....many of the same people who are tied in with the MI Complex.