06 August 2010

Angle no Angel

Here's a link to an article at the Las Vegas Sun.

Sharron Angle is runing for the Nevada Senate. This is a classic scenario we keep encountering. While we don't necessarily want to support Harry Reid, Angle represents something much worse.

And yet she's the one supported by all the Christians! You better believe Focus on the Family and other similar groups are directing the money into this one. Defeating Reid would be a tremendous victory for the Sacralist cause.

It's very ironic she accuses her opponents of idolatry....go to American Vision's Website or almost any of the other Reconstructionist websites. They all make an idol of America....they just want it to be their version. They are no different. They are guilty of the very same things they accuse the liberals of.

But if the theology Angle represents is wrong, placing her in power is more of a threat to the Church than even the most rabidly atheistic candidate. While we don't have to positively support Reid or any other candidate for that matter....Sharron Angle ought to be opposed.

Am I calling for political action?

No, but this would be a case where I would say....a preacher might use the occasion to teach a congregation regarding the Kingdom of God. He might warn his people....beware of people like Sharron Angle.....

Why? If you understand that, then you've understood what's been written at this site.......

See, even Two Kingdom people can believe in politics from the pulpit!

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