03 August 2010

How can telling the truth be treason to people who claim to worship the Truth?

Here's the latest from Eric Margolis on the Wikileak scandal/saga. Just some interesting commentary on what's happening and some of the issues with Pakistan that many have been talking about for years but are generally not reported in the statist media.

I don't think the American media is explaining the complexity of the situation and the impossible position Pakistan was forced into by the United States. 60 Minutes reported some of this in 2006, but by then I think the American public had glazed over.

Richard Armitage, the Deputy Secretary of State in the Bush Administration threatened Pakistan into compliance. Armitage is quite the character. For those unfamiliar with him, a quick look at his Wikipedia article is worth a moment of your time.

His presence in the State Department was one of the untold stories of the Bush administration. There have been many discussions regarding what was happening between the State Department and the Department of Defense, but there were additional issues within the State Department and the somewhat bizarre selection of Armitage as Powell's Deputy.

Of course these issues regarding the Bush administration and the situation with Pakistan are of little interest to most American Christians. We're the good guys and all 'those people over there,' are treacherous and bad.

And of course someone facilitating the telling of the truth...not interested in that. Truth-tellers are traitors. Now, I understand the military has to punish the soldier who leaked the documents, but it amazes me how Christians act as if they don't want to know the truth. They operate under an end justifies the means kind of ethic. That's sure what I find throughout the New Testament.

For the christian-Right, it's all about politics anyway. Colson had the unbelievable chutzpah to get on the radio the other day and suggest America shouldn't be in Afghanistan, the war was a mistake. This is coming from a pro-war fanatic. He's not repentant, it was clearly politics. When Bush was Caesar, Colson was quick and eager to support the wars. Now that it's Obama, his leadership must be called into question.

The irony is not lost on all. Several commentators have pointed out how the Right in this country quickly turns against 'our troops' when it is politcally expedient to do so. One need only look back to the Clinton era and review the Republican behaviour during Clinton's Imperial Wars and operations. Even their Patriotism is often politicized. If Bush had gone into Somalia, Bosnia, or bombed Kosovo, they would have cheered him on, defended it, and said it 'had to be done,' and 'was the right thing to do'.

The self-appointed leaders of the Evangelical movement speak with forked tongues and those in the pews love to have it so.

Strong delusion.

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