26 January 2011

A letter from Nigeria

 Unfortunately, I now believe this to be a scam.

Apparently, there's something of a market for Bibles in Nigeria. There are reports that some of these guys get Americans to send them and they turn around and sell them.

That's too bad.

Amazing the things people will come up with to make money.

I suppose it gets Bibles into Nigeria, but if the premise of the letter is a lie, then I don't want to help them.

Live and learn.

We live in a sad world, how much  more for those who have hope only in this life?


The Raging Paradoxidation said...

I received this same email this morning.

Being in Information Security, I still do not trust something like this as being legitimate.

Anonymous said...

I also got this this morning. I wonder how many others. And I wonder how he found us? Do we all have christian blogs?

Protoprotestant said...

I wondered about it....but, they're not after any money, so what would the point be? Unless they're trying to set you up for a future solicitation.

Asking for Bibles certainly seems legitimate. For some reason that name is familiar. Hey, if anyone knows anything, let me know...please!

Lloyd said...

Scams through email is becoming a problem in today's world. I would check it out before donating. God bless, Lloyd

Protoprotestant said...

I scam to get Bibles?

Like I said, maybe they're looking to make contact and then start asking for money. I hope not.

Lloyd, thanks for visiting. I've tried to visit your site, but it always locks up my computer...it can't handle all graphics and music.

Protoprotestant said...

I meant, A scam, not I scam.

Apparently it was a scam.

Can you trust anyone these days?

Victoria said...

Remember Paul wrote to the Philippians that some were preaching Christ out of selfish ambition, but even so, Paul said that whether in pretense or in truth, he rejoiced that Christ was proclaimed. Phil. 1:15-18. He also noted to the Corinthians that there were many who were peddling the word of God. 2Cor.2:17. So be comforted, this is nothing new.

Protoprotestant said...

I suppose one way or another...someone gets a Bible!

Domino said...

So sad that in this dark world even Bibles (The Word of God) gets turned into a scam. I would like to send some just because someone will get a Bible and grow in the Lord.
For anyone who is a scammer: Remember this; God is the Judge and one day you will be on your knees in His is presence and will have to answer for all that you have done. I pray for God's mercy on your soul.
<>< Domino & Gabriel <><