28 February 2011

US neo-cons urge Libya intervention

Here's an article worth looking at.

US neo-cons urge Libya intervention - Features - Al Jazeera English

Many Americans grow frustrated with America acting as 'policeman' as they put it. It's not about America trying to play international cop, nor is about America's generosity. It's geo-politics and empire.

Libya has long been outside the American Sphere. Only in recent years has there been some detente between the two former enemies. The Neo-Con Project for a New American Century is basically their Imperial Doctrinal Statement and in terms of doctrine, it's critical that United States not only controls their interests but contains nations like China and Russia. In other words Libya becomes an interest not because the United States wants it (which I'm sure they do) but because they want to make sure no one else gets it.

The end result....virtually the entire planet is subject to American Interests. That's what the PNAC is all about...world domination. These were the same people who led us into Iraq in 2003 and if they had their way would promote endless war.

With all the talk of budget difficulties the one thing these supposed fiscal hawks won't talk about is military spending. I do not say Defense, that would be a euphemism.

Christians by and large in the United States are keen on the PNAC agenda, at least what little they know about it and the Neo-Conservatives have enjoyed great success in manipulated the Evangelical population especially through their news outlet....FOX.

Have a look at the Al Jazeera article and while you're there have a look at their website. You can watch the channel live through the website. Watch FOX for a half hour and then watch Al Jazeera for a half hour. It speaks for itself.

 The scope of coverage, the journalistic professionalism, the non-American bias you'll find at Al Jazeera expose FOX for what it is....cheap and childish political propaganda and entertainment rather than news.

In the end, I strongly believe those behind FOX would rather have you dumb, entertained, and scared rather than engaging the issues of the day.

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