11 November 2012

Election Commentaries

Here are some comments I put up at Green Baggins, a Reformed website. They will interest some readers.

But for context you'll need to visit the link: Random Election Day Thoughts

And there's another link mentioned in the comments that I also commented on.

5 Christian Responses to the 2012 Election

The author is someone I often disagree with. Ironically I used to attend his church several years before he took over. Reformation21 doesn't allow for comments, hence the discussion thread over at Green Baggins.

Here are my comments, which you can also find if you visit the Green Baggins link.


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Obama's policies haven't proven to be very different than his predecessor.

The United States spends more on its military complex than the rest of the world combined. Until that spending is vastly cut, discussions regarding the deficit are a waste of time.

I did vote, but I didn't vote for either candidate representing the establishment duopoly. Local elections matter. I definitely wanted to vote for the House of Representatives and the one Senate seat that was up for grabs in my state. But with the Presidency, I'll vote for just about any 3rd party. Only when a 3rd party tops the 15% mark in the polls can we start having some real discussion.

Until then they are excluded from news coverage, the debates and the establishment-approved candidates can go on with their sound-byte style campaigning.

Our system is hopelessly broken. Our elections are about money, not issues. Our stupid winner-take-all electoral system makes the system un-reformable. A parliamentary system is actually much more favourable to democracy and we would do well to borrow the French model for how to conduct an election.

Rather than waste my vote by voting 3rd party, I could just as easily argue that those who vote for the establishment parties are wasting their vote. Regardless of who wins the status quo is supported....and nothing changes. There are differences between the parties but the differences are not that great. Campaign rhetoric quickly transforms into a pragmatic equilibrium. We would realize this except for the fact that past presidents such as Reagan have been mythologized. Reagan's record is not that conservative and I doubt he would make through the Republican primaries today.



BTW, no surprise but I disagree with RPhillips points.


1. Christian Sacralism has helped drive many of these wedges and caused social divisions that are unnecessary. There will always be antithesis between 'us and them' but this is exacerbated when the 'Christian' position is about employing the government to 'force' (which is violence) people to conform to our way.


2. Though this ex-military officer may hate Socialism he lived under government health care for many years while serving in the Legions. Our tax money supports abortions in the military and has for ages. He was part of the system. Part of this country's problem is the employer-based health care system. Your health care should never be tied to your employer and thus this issue wouldn't even arise.


Military officers and homosexuals? Wow, wouldn't want a homo killing someone, but if they're straight that's okay? The military is such a morally bankrupt organization to begin with. This kind of reasoning, attaching concepts like morality and honour to the military defy all moral sense and are divorced from social, historical, and geopolitical reality.


3. How about the Church? Or has Phillips confused America with the Church? Somehow unregenerate people are going to understand the Law of God?


4. We should have been doing this all along. But instead Bush was all too often praised and treated in messianic terms while Clinton and now Obama invoke imprecatory responses. Obama is a wicked guy...but no more than George Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Nixon, LBJ, or Wilson.


5. This is the only point I believe he got right.


I realize 99% of the readers here will disagree with what I've said but I urge you to step back and reconsider some of these fundamental issues. The Dominionist experiment re-energized by Schaeffer, Rushdoony and the Moral Majority has reached a point of crisis. The demographic realities have been against you for some time...hence the frantic urgency to turn the tide before it slips away.


This election demonstrates that time has arrived. This election should have been a cakewalk for the Republicans. They picked a terrible candidate but despite that to have lost this....is stunning.


I am greatly concerned by the rhetoric coming from the Right. The government is being delegitimized, fear and conspiracy abound. I'm starting to hear whispers of something I have feared for a long time. This is going to lead to violence. Watch out because some unhinged member of the Christian Right will not heed the pacific advice Phillips rightly gives. Someone will take up the sword and I fear this country will before too many years have passed be once more praying for peace in the streets.

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