30 November 2012

Uganda and A World Net of Lies

I saw something this morning that drove me to sit down and write this even if it meant being late for work. It started with a podcast at a website which frequently praises the efforts to politically Christianize Africa. Uganda frequently comes up. The Christian Right in America has had their eyes on it for some time.
 The forces of Empire and the Dominionists are involved in a new Scramble for Africa. The Empire and its rivals vie for resources and political clout and the Dominionists see endless opportunities to create their Sacral if not overtly Theonomist dream states.
Either way the people are bound to lose and once again the Church will plant seeds which will bear a rotten harvest for generations to come. The Church if Africa is still harvesting the rotten fruit of past missionary and imperial activity.
But the news today that caught my eye is coming from so-called Christian news sources.
There's a host of articles and other resources flowing from the Sacral zone praising Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni's call for national repentance. This is what a Christian leader should look like we're told.
Here's a link to the disgraceful pseudo-news site known as WorldNetDaily....
This is all too typical of what we find in the so-called Christian press. This is their Christian Worldview at work. Practically speaking what it seems to mean is....
1.    Objectivity is impossible
2.    We have the truth
3.    Therefore we'll filter it all for you and tell you what you need to know.
4.    And then equate it with a Biblical worldview
And yet what happens is, they basically end up sanctioning dishonesty. And that's this WorldNetDaily hack piece is. Sure, praise Museveni because he's doing what they think a Christian statesman should do, and mislead your readers about who he is and what's going on in the Great Lakes region of Africa?
Even if you agree with him and the Ugandan and American policies in the region, doesn't responsible journalism, doesn't a commitment to honesty require at least a line or two mentioning the fact that Museveni is hardly free from controversy or critique?
I of course completely disagree with the theology behind the assumptions that praise so-called Christian statesmanship and governance, but this illustrative of a point I'm constantly trying to make. Sacralism leads to great evil and one of the forms of this evil is basically lying about current events and history.
We see this all over the world as the American and British Empires are whitewashed, and the Dominionist project has reached into the past and re-written the Middle Ages, the Crusades, Charlemagne and more...
If Michael Carl, the journalist who wrote this piece had any integrity he might have mentioned that a large segment of the world considers Museveni to be an unbelievably corrupt dictator and war criminal. These are the same folks that would excoriate someone like Putin because it serves their interests but choose to whitewash someone like Museveni.
All of these men are evil, but the liars at WorldNetDaily and the many Christians who promote this agenda...are worst of all. I can't whitewash that in any way. Many might say such a statement lacks charity. I cannot emphasize it enough. The greatest threat to the Truth and the Church is from within.
I have not had the time to put together a piece on what's happening in Africa both in terms of geopolitics and the Church. I've been following both for some time. It's astonishing and very sad. There's a massive ongoing conflict in Central Africa. Uganda is involved and in many cases is but one of many part-time or full-time proxies of the American Empire. This is about resources, about getting them and keeping others from being able to get them. Millions have died. This is ugly, horrific business and the president of Uganda is right in the middle of it all.
Repentance without works is meaningless. Museveni needs to repent and step down. Witchcraft? That's exactly what he represents, lies, sorcery, and deception.
The author of this hack piece needs to repent and return to his Bible, learn about the Kingdom of God and the Gospel. He has substituted them for a Dominionist worldview that equates the Kingdom with political power and the creation of a utopian pseudo-Christian culture. He needs to learn that God's people are committed to truth and that the ends don't justify the means. He is praising evil and calling it good.
I conclude with a statement I often employ....
"When the Church is politicized it embraces the amoral pragmatist ethics of power. All concern for truth is lost, subjugated to the agenda and the lustful drive to attain the goal. Truth, nor the God of Truth is of no concern to them. Power is their god, and in this case America is their idol. Christo-Americanism is a pseudo-Christian cult."


Cal said...

Right on brother.

It really is sad to see what Africa has become because of the avarice and lust for power committed by European Empires. All in the garb of Christ no less!

Yet what plagues Africa is a nationalistic reaction towards Christianity (which may as well be flavored Islam) which has suppressed traditional African culture. In the hands of Europeans, it was cultural subjugation; in the hands of the cadre of African despots that dot the continent, it is pure power.

Killing "witches", "sodomites" or the "ungodly". They twist the Gospel to fit killing off enemies of the ruling party or have a scapegoat to move attention away from their deeds. It's all so sick.

On a semi-related note, I recently heard about the Masai and that many of them have converted to Christianity. Yet it is for them their own, not some Westernized domination. They are worshiping Jesus Christ in line with Scripture according to their accidens of Africanness (as we do with our accidens of Americanness). The creed they made is very interesting. They're speaking gospel truths in a way they, as a people, understand.


Anonymous said...

Great concluding quote! Yes, Proto, these dominionists know nothing about what their weighing in on in Uganda. I've been there on the ground in Museveni's IDP (concentration) camps for the Acholi in the north. There is much evidence of intentional genocide during the Kony war; for the purpose of getting the Acholi eradicated from a resource-rich region so Museveni and company can steal it.
Even without kowledge of that significant but little-known in the USA internment of a people group, Museveni's government is anything but Christ-like. WND types obviously do not understand authentic biblical faith and practice.
thanks for mentioning Uganda.

Protoprotestant said...

And of course it makes perfect sense that Rick Santorum has now signed on with WorldNetDaily to provide a regular commentary. That's a perfect job for him. Truly it's where he belongs.

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Most of the time it's just about buying Ugg boots or something, but sometimes it was about Viagra and sometimes much much worse.

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The more people you bring into the equation the longer it takes to get anything done. I've been spinning my wheels, stressed out, trying to get answers, get people to answer their phone, schedule meetings...and waiting, waiting, waiting. This is the second (and last) time I building code official has almost bankrupted me. Because I've done something wrong? Not at all. Sometimes it takes a week or more for them to answer their phone or respond to an email. They're in no hurry and if you upset them they'll delay just to spite you. It's exasperating. Actually I'll share some of this in a future post and provide my analysis.


eliyahu said...

Brother, it's truly refreshing to hear another believer who sees the often invisible, ubiquitous, sinful operational foundation of the church in the west for what it is; a counterfeit gospel which has caused so much destruction throughout it's history, even unbelievers have openly commented on it's repulsive fruits; unfortunately associating it falsely with Christ. It's with a mixture of relief to see other know and shame that we must acknowledge this at all that I respond to your posts and pray this message reveals the truth to a confused and angry world, which has received great injury instead of the Gospel from a church which needs it too.

Protoprotestant said...


As always your comments are encouraging. It's good to know there are some who can see what I'm talking about. And I am by no means the only one. But alas, the number of those writing and those reading is pretty small.