05 June 2013

Facebook and a new website

Every day I encounter articles, podcasts and other materials I want to share but I've also wanted to avoid any extra clutter on this website. It's already a bit overwhelming to newcomers. I want this website to be devoted to the now hundreds of longer articles and essays and I've decided to set up a companion website where I can post links with short commentary.

In addition (as I mentioned before) I've availed myself of Facebook since its popularity and commenting mechanism is almost universal. I've provided two links on the right side of this page. One is to Facebook and the other is to the new site which I've called The Pilgrim Underground.

This site will be changing its name soon. And I hope shortly to have the essay which explains my thoughts on this matter. The new name will be The Pilgrim Path. The web-address will stay the same so you shouldn't need to change your links or bookmarks.

So for those interested, you can have a look at the links and other materials at the new locations. They will largely mirror one another. I will also provide brief comments which I have a feeling some will rather appreciate. Feel free to comment there as well. I can't promise it will be daily but since the content is abbreviated I will probably be able to keep up a pretty good tempo. The heavier and longer essays will remain here.

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