09 June 2013

The Veneration of Militarism and the Ethics of Patriotism

Recently we were at my niece's high school graduation. The valedictorian was absent because she had already joined the United States Air Force. She is training to be a Linguist and as I recall the entry windows to that field are very limited. If you miss the window, you may have to wait a year or more to enter the programme again.

So in her case apparently she was able to finish her High School work and leave for Basic Training (Boot Camp) in time to make the entry to the technical school. Linguists usually have to sign up for a six year enlistment (unless that's changed) because the first 18 months or so is just training. They're not to going to invest that amount of time into you to have you potentially walk away after just a couple of years in the field.

Anyway she was applauded on numerous occasions. Everyone lauds the 'service' of these individuals who join the US military. They're heroes just for wearing the uniform and joining the organization. Over and over again we hear the mantra...they're defending our freedom. No one ever questions this and frankly most people no longer have the intellectual ability to do so. Even a cursory understanding of American geopolitics would render this statement meaningless and absurd. America has long been on the offensive. America projects its power and dominates most of the planet. The United States manipulates nations and wields power through a host of proxies, puppets and institutions. It uses force and violence. Its vast economic machine often overwhelms weaker nations and its culture not only shapes, but often casts down traditions and older societal mores.

The American soldier isn't serving the public. Perhaps it could be argued they are part of a vast machine raping the globe and the stolen spoils benefit the American public, but that's certainly not what most people mean. They tend to think of America as the 'good guys' the underdogs who just mind their own business and try to help people. We only have to have this massive army and military complex because people hate our goodness and our freedom.

Of course the truth is the exact opposite. The massive military is power itself and is needed to project this might and to force the submission of other peoples.

What does this do to domestic security? Rather than make us safe it actually puts us in danger. There are so many people in the world who are filled with rage and resentment because of American actions. American bombs and missiles, let alone political and economic policies have led to literally millions of deaths over the past century.

They are angered by America's unbelievable and unbounded hypocrisy on the public stage. It says one thing and does another. It behaves one way within American borders and another way on the international stage. For the most part these people have no way to fight or resist. Often their governments are purchased, slaves and prostitutes to the Empire. Dissidents rage and sometimes act with great desperation. They commit evil acts to combat what they see as evil. Evil begets evil, blood begets blood. Neither side can claim moral superiority.

Rather than 'serving' the public, the American military is in fact putting us in danger. Certainly the modern Imperial apparatus is not in compliance with the goals of the Founders or the legal limits of the Constitution. These things don't particularly matter to me. I don't accept the 'Christian' narratives regarding the founding of this country. In fact I believe it was founded in sin. The Bible nowhere sanctions rebellion and certainly not one rooted in financial concerns. Taxation without representation is hardly a reason to kill nor can it sanction such actions. I am of course not that simple to suggest there weren't other causes, but foundationally there are no legitimate Christian arguments to support the rebellion. There are many myths and attempts at historical eisegesis (reading something back into) within Christian circles.

But for those who place great stock in the original vision for America and what the country was supposed to be about, then America's modern militarism can only be seen as a betrayal.

If it is rightly pointed out that America has always been a nation enslaving and conquering others then again it must be asked how Christians can endorse and venerate this model? You can't have it both ways. Regardless of what position you take the modern American Empire cannot be endorsed by someone professing Christ.

Given the fact that the majority of the people in the gymnasium the other night would at the very least profess to be Christian...we have a serious problem.

I guess I can expect lost and unregenerate people to venerate those who take up arms to advance their way of life for if we're honest, that is what they're doing. They're not defending. They advancing and America's consumer and consuming culture must be continually fed. Other people suffer so we can live the way we do. That's the moral reality of the Empire.

So what is this young woman doing to 'serve' us? Well it was announced that she's learning Farsi and Dari and will serve in some particular unit of which I cannot remember.

So what does this mean? Well, Farsi of course is the primary language spoken in Iran and Dari is the Persian dialect spoken by the Tajiks in Northern Afghanistan. Basically she's learning Persian languages that will range from the Zagros Mountains to the Pamir's, the edge of Mesopotamia to the Chinese frontier. Some have referred to this region as Greater Iran or the greater Persian realm.

So how does this serve us? The United States intercepts communications in other countries through a variety of means. Through hacking and listening devices it steals phone calls and emails and through direct espionage will sometimes steal actual documents.

The linguists work at translating this material so it can be passed on through various channels. In this case it will probably be for military intelligence and in some cases the State Department. At times these soldiers might be paired with civilians who may or may not have CIA ties.

Basically she's serving us by being part of a massive theft. She's indirectly part of the vast espionage machine the United States employs around the world.

If she were a graduating student in China or Iran and was becoming in linguist in their military apparatus, learning English and helping those governments to spy on the United States, she would be greatly resented and despised. How dare they do that to us? What right do they have? They should be stopped!

But it doesn't apply to the United States. Because Patriotism is a religion with its own set of ethics. And what is right for the United States is wrong for other countries because America is intrinsically good. It is blessed by God, an exceptional nation that is not subject to the moral criteria other nations are subjected to.

Every pagan nation has done this. This is basic going back to the Babylon and the Tower of Babel.

The Christian embrace of this hybrid-religion and the worldview and ethics that go with it are a betrayal of Christ and His Kingdom.

I only pray that this young woman will in time grasp the evil she has joined with and endorsed, and will with righteousness indignation and genuine repentance turn her back on what she has done. In many cases her actions will indirectly aid and abet murder.

And when she heads home on leave she will walk through airport terminals and the citizens of the Empire will laud and praise her...with shouts of congratulation and thunderous applause.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for continuing to put your thoughts down. Your posts always give me something to think about...and let me see that I'm not alone in my thinking, which is encouraging.

Protoprotestant said...

Thank you for your encouraging comment. It's nice to know there are some folks like you who are still reading things here.

For anyone interested, there's a related article over at the other website:


Eliyahu BenYsrael said...

I've told you before brother, it certainly is encouraging to hear someone elaborate these truths, when the church essentially ignores them, en masse. Thank you, and God bless you in Jesus' Name.