06 March 2014

Holy Week and The Temptation of the Tactile

I guess it's that time of year again, the Spring Equinox is coming and that means another full moon.

I keep trying to find those verses in the Bible that tell me that the following Sunday (after the first full moon after the Equinox) means Easter but I can't seem to find them... or anything about Ash Wednesday, some sort of 'Holy' week, Lent...or any of it.

I sure can find some Scriptural evidence that condemns the very notions behind these practices but far more powerful than Scripture is the notion of...

(Strike up the Klezmer music)


A couple of links for those who are interested in entertaining a re-examination of some traditions and the flesh pleasing dangers I would willing succumb to. That is, if it were not for my sincere belief that I must rely on the Word when it comes to all matters pertaining to the Faith once delivered to the saints....

Easter and Holy Week

The Temptation of the Tactile


Anonymous said...

Brother, I heartily echo your observations about the temptation of the tactile. In childhood I had ornate church buildings, choirs, robes, incense, all that pomp. I like that stuff. But just because I like it does not mean I can bring it into the practice of the assembly nor into my life as a separated disciple of Christ.

I clearly remember my amazement the first time I entered an old country meetin' hall for fellowship after I had been born again. Nothing! No altar, no pictures, no statues; just walls and benches. It was wonderful, though, because the focus was on worship in Spirit and Truth. The fleshly stimulation of high church serves only to detract from true worship. Many people cannot discern between soul and spirit. We want to worship our senses and our sentiments more than worship the true risen Lord if we are unwilling to forego syncretism and insist on using means not proscribed by the Lord in His Word. False fire I say.

We actually put stumbling blocks in front of people coming to obey the gospel when we have cluttered it up and distracted people's attention to religious junk and fleshly observations which have no power. We have the real thing in this New Covenant, so why turn to shadows and pagan fables??

Thanks for helping us think these issues through prayerfully and articulating the roots of the matter.

I probably will indulge in some ham and malted milk ball eggs, though in the privacy of my own home. Meat offered to idols thing...


Protoprotestant said...

I'm kind of fond of those 'peeps' myself and I'm a sucker for jelly beans.