16 March 2014

The Legal and Technological Matrix for a Brave New Dystopia (3/4)

Security or a New Foundation?

This has nothing to do with terrorism anymore. Personally I don't think it ever did. There was enough smoke in the 1990's to realize a firestorm was on the horizon. While few foresaw the impending Blowback of 9/11, they did see a network of schemers who had plans in the works and needed little more than a justification to get the ball rolling. They certainly got their wish.

There was no point in winning the Cold War unless you could capitalize on the victory. Security fears gave them a reason to act but how can you control the world in the computer age?

The surveillance state is the fruit of globalization. Some have focused on the Internet, travel and outsourcing but the heart of globalization was a new system, a new paradigm for the world. It's a matrix for a new type of Imperialism. An empire in the technological age.

The New World Order wasn't about some silly United Nations world empire. The United Nations is a powerless and largely worthless organization. The New World Order was about Globalism as the new paradigm.  

Globalism is the transnational mechanism for the power-elite in the United States and their handful of allies (who feed on their crumbs) to gain domination of the earth. It is one of the primary mechanisms of American unilateralism. It's a de-centralized Empire as it were. Rather than centralize power in the hands of a political elite, it's a power-shift or an enthronement of the real power that was behind Cold War America all along...the plutocrats.

This is just history repeating itself. Every empire ends up in this same place. It's not a conspiracy, it's just how 'empire' works. The only difference today is that we live in a mass-media technological age. This means we have more access to information then past generations did and thus the plutocrats have to work harder to generate fog and fear. Of course they spend a fair amount of time scheming against each other. On one level we can be thankful for that.

I am struck by the number of people at the top who shuffle back and forth in these circles... a class that when looked at closely enough reveals a fuzzy group (a hierarchical tier) in the background who hold their reins. These are not the masters of the world sitting at computer screens and giving orders. They are the architects, the big-thinkers. They're not messing with mundane. They leave that to the operatives who use their connections to build the networks and place the right people into the right corporate, military, media and political positions to run the show and make the machine work. If it is conspiratorial, it's an open conspiracy. For the most part this is all being done in the open.  

Their greatest fear is exposure and the awakening of the public. As long as everyone is working to pay their mortgage and credit card bills, running off to the mall or sapping brain cells in front of the television they're fine.

If you doubt it look up the Citigroup Plutonomy Memos.

There are a handful of people who are writing books and articles and trying to expose them. In the past the plutocrats have tried to ignore them or buy them off. Today, they've declared war. They've realized that the Internet is the weapon that can destroy them and so out of necessity they're becoming very aggressive.

The Internet as a weapon

The Internet has been both the greatest blessing and curse for the people in power. It has allowed them to network the globe and move money around at the speed of light.

But it has also for the first time in history allowed dissenters to network and compare notes. The tool that has empowered the masters can be turned against them.

It is no accident the new TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) in addition to being a trans-oceanic NAFTA, and a possible mechanism for an Asian Cold War*, also contains numerous provisions which seek to destroy Internet freedom and establish a trans-national legal basis for the destruction of whistleblowing and investigative journalism. This isn't about America losing sovereignty. This is about America gaining access and sovereignty in other nations when and where they want it.

It will grant legal access on the part of global security firms (almost indistinguishable from the US intelligence community) to overseas jurisdictions leaving activists and reporters no place to hide. It can be done in the name of combating piracy but it's obvious the way the protocols have been crafted they're not worried about DVD's in a flea market. They want to block any transfer of information.

Globalism has been described as Capitalism on steroids. It is truly proving to be the primary mechanism for an exercise of unprecedented global power.

And yet people don't get it. We're reduced to blatant messaging in films like Elysium to try and get the point across. The villains aren't rich bankers per se. The villain, the inhabitants of the space station (if you will) is the First World System. It is literally plundering, destroying and killing the majority of the Earth's inhabitants and anyone who dares to resist or expose it.

The World System

The system is looting the resources of poor nations, destroying their environment, all but enslaving its populations, and wastefully producing and manufacturing in order to sell to, brainwash and control the First World consumer class.

Then when so much has been wasted it is thrown away in some other out of the way place and poisons water and soil. We are so excited by the $10 piece of junk we've purchased and never consider how it is that components and labour from all over the planet brought this to our shelf and at such a cheap price.

It wasn't brilliant logistics or market forces. It was theft and often murder...pure and simple. We can dress it up how we like, but that's what it is. The system, our social system is built on a foundation of violence and great evil. We just don't see it and most don't want to.

"Now if we could just get some people to value work, believe in Christian Vocation and if we could get some good character in the business and political world, we could start to turn America around...."

I can laugh myself to the point of bitter tears when I hear naive Christian commentators speak this way. They live in the fantasy created for them by the world system. If we have any moral compass and bother to think it through we'll realize the system itself is completely rotten.

Rotten to its very core.

We're swimming in a cesspool. We're trying to stay afloat and throw rescue lines to the drowning. The idea that we're going to clean it up by swishing some water around is not only absurd, it's simply not taught in the New Testament. I thought Christians used to believe in sin and the Fall. You wouldn't know it these days.

For all the focus on the book of Revelation it has rightly been identified as the most misunderstood book in the Bible. Everyone is so focused on solving the enigmatic symbols and applying them to modern geopolitics, they are in fact missing the message for the Church living in the world and the Spiritual battle we are engaged in.

We are all complicit in this system. And now the system administrators have become so powerful they are metaphorically installing 'anti-virus software' to block and destroy anyone who dares to challenge it. And with this new power comes the ability to streamline, defragment, and manage the system like never before.

As I said, I feel like we're living in a Philip K. Dick novel. Our world is already dystopian, we just don't see it. The First World itself is a gated community. There's another world out there that we've helped to create and certainly help to perpetuate. That truth is not lessened by the fact that we have gated communities within our society too.

And in the midst of this we have scores of 'Christian Leaders' who do little more than promote and defend a baptized version of the system. They have no problem with the economic and social system. In fact if given the chance they would remove what restrictions currently exist and turn loose the ability to make profits. In fact working to do so is an act of piety.

The state of things is amazing by any measure but this latter fact is the most stunning and upsetting of all.

*It seems like the TPP is trying to incorporate everyone but China. By 2015 it should be clear how China will or won't fit into all of this.

Obama has expressed interest in incorporating China but he seems to want to extract concessions and do a little arm twisting to get them on board. There are many variables here. The 2014 mid-terms and the results of the 2016 election will also play part in its final shape.

Either way the Elites, the Plutocrats stand to win. A new Cold War carries some risk but the profits are incredible. They certainly were in the last round.

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