16 March 2014

The Legal and Technological Matrix for a Brave New Dystopia (4/4)

The Church in the World

What will it take to awaken the Church? Or is this just Judgment and Strong Delusion?

How do we respond? Do we need to just keep at it, keep persevering in our small corners of the world, doing what we can to expose lies? Do we just keep telling the truth and hopefully rescue people from the great destructive lie that is at the heart of our social system which the 'Church' has happily wed itself to?
It has loved the world and called it the Kingdom of God.

What can we do? We're not even to that point yet. We can't even begin to ask that question until we better understand what is happening. And at this point we're dealing with corpses sitting in the pews. Until these people are stirred, there won't be anything to do other than be voices crying in the wilderness. At least those of who are awake and alive can exercise vigilance and be thinking about the lives we lead and the technology we use.

Our Constitution while certainly flawed helped to create a society that allowed for a good deal of freedom. It contained within it various internal contradictions and thus the seeds for its own destruction. Today it is rapidly becoming obsolete. You can't have a militarized empire and democracy. They don't go together. The Establishment made its choice long ago. We need weep no tears for the Babylon of America. We just need to understand what is happening and begin to think through how to live in light of the new society.

The leaders of the Evangelical world have little wisdom to impart. We need to start thinking in truly antithetical terms... an exercise and ability the False Church has long worked to destroy. Even today those who profess to be teaching it through the forming of Christian Worldview are in fact teaching worldliness and all the lusts and pride that go with it. Their theology is rooted in the same power-paradigm. They have sprinkled the blood of Christ on the foundations of the system and don't seem to realize it. Strong delusion is at work.

We need to think about money, work, technology, government and time. These are all the same issues Christian leaders and commentators are talking about. But they're getting it wrong. They can't see because they're invested in the system or some narrative tied to it. Other commitments are blinding them to what is happening now. Rather than realize from our perspective this has nothing to do with partisanship, they have chosen to ignore the voices of protest because they come from the Left. They do so foolishly and at their own peril.

The world is changing. We all know it has been for many years but the Church seems to just keep going along with it. There's been no antithesis. We're on the verge of making some serious sociological leaps and the Church needs to be vigilant.

I fear the Christian Right will act foolishly and dangerously and bring down a great deal of grief on the Church.

The Right fears Global Socialism and tyrannical government. I argue that they are in fact for tyrannical rule when it suits them. Nevertheless it is ironic that their economic and geopolitical policies are leading to such instability and danger that authoritarianism is almost necessary to keep social order. It's kind of like they create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Globalization isn't global socialism. It's Capitalism reaching beyond money into what money is really about...power. Its monopolistic instincts have moved beyond currency and into the mechanisms that create, sustain and protect it.

If in light of these future changes the voices of criticism, dissent and Truth become security violations and possible treason then a small faithful segment of the Church will be persecuted while the larger section applauds it.

Am I advocating some kind of activism? No. Sartre would call me a Quietist. And yet even speaking out is reaching a point that it is considered subversive and activist. If that's the case, then I guess we had all better be activists. But for now we need to just start thinking and reflecting on what's happening and how we can serve Christ in these new and strange times.

You can't kill the beast. If you lop off one head, another simply appears. Only Christ can destroy it. Our job is to shine light by telling the truth and to be faithful witnesses.

The 'stop the world I want to get off' approach won't work. We still have to raise our children, make a living and reach the lost. A lot of people increasingly are required to have a phone strapped to their hip at all hours.

Let's start thinking and putting things together.


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Eliyahu BenYsrael said...

Another very eloquent article distilling the situation for those of us with ears to hear. You certainly are blessed to be able to share this. I myself am just disillusioned with the church after 19 centuries and don't think it is worth sharing much anything with the Christian community; they can just believe, live and do whatever they want- I just pray for them that God will do the correcting. If you think it's worth it and you can deal with it all- you're blessed with one tough job.